Temperature load properties

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Tekla Structures

Temperature load properties

Use the Temperature Load Properties dialog box to view and modify the properties of a temperature load or a strain. The file name extension of a temperature load properties file is .lm6.



Load group name

The load group to which the load belongs.

To view load group properties or to create a new load group, click Load groups.

Temperature change for axial elongation

Temperature change in the part.

Temperature differential from side to side

Difference in temperature between the left side and the right side of a part.

Temperature differential from top to bottom

Difference in temperature between the top surface and the bottom surface of a part.

Initial axial elongation

Axial strain of a part.

A positive value indicates elongation, a negative value indicates shrinkage.

Load attachment

Indicates if the load is attached to a part.

Load-bearing parts

Parts to which the load is applied, or not applied, on the basis of part names or selection filters.

Bounding box of the load

Dimensions of the bounding box in the x, y, and z directions.

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