Filters in analysis models

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Filters in analysis models

You can use an analysis model filter to select parts to be included in an analysis model. You can also use filters to define which of the included parts are considered to be secondary analysis parts or braces in the analysis model.

The following filters are available in the analysis model properties:

  • Analysis model filter
  • Bracing member filter
  • Secondary member filter

These filters are based on selection filters, and Tekla Structures saves the settings with the analysis model properties. This means that you can check the criteria you used to select objects.

Tekla Structures automatically adds the new objects you create in the physical model to the analysis model if they fulfill the criteria of the analysis model filter and analysis model content.


Use the analysis model filter to filter out non-structural parts, such as end plates, railings, and ladders, from the analysis model.

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