Import Tekla Structures model and drawings into another model

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Import Tekla Structures model and drawings into another model

You can use the Import model command to import a Tekla Structures model and drawings to another model. If the imported model is later updated, you can re-import the updated model.

  • It is not possible to import a model or parts of it directly into the same model (for example, if the model folder has been copied in the file system and then worked on separately). You can work around this, for example, by first importing the model into a new empty model or by using the Save as command to create a copy of the model.

  • If you import to an existing model, fix the possible numbering conflicts by adding prefixes in numbering series.

  • Importing models from older versions of Tekla Structures is not allowed. When you try to import an old model, the following message is displayed: "Importing models from previous versions is not supported. First save the model with the current version. Note that you will not be able to use Tekla Structures of previous version to edit the model." Click Open for upgrade to open and save the model in the new version, or click OK.

  • You can use the Import model command as a replacement to the old model dump import. Import the model to an empty Tekla Structures model created without a model template.

  1. Open the Tekla Structures model into which you want to import the other model.
  2. Go to Quick Launch, start typing import model, and select the Import model command from the list that appears.
  3. Select a model folder to import and click OK.

    The model objects and drawings are imported and the changes are displayed using the same listing as is used in Tekla Model Sharing.

With default settings, the Locked attribute is set to Yes in the imported objects. Locking is controlled by the advanced option XS_MODEL_IMPORT_LOCK_OBJECTS in the Import category of the Advanced Options dialog box.

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