DWG export improvements

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DWG export improvements

Some improvements have been made in the DWG export dialog box. For example, the preview now opens in a separate window, and on the Layer rules tab, there are new color codes indicating when a new DWG file is loaded, and when there are no layers in the DWG file. There are also some new confirmation messages at DWG export. The exported block names now contain a drawing id to help the identification. Furthermore, you can now enter a relative location in the output folder definition.

Changes in the export dialog box

The Export drawings to DWG/DXF dialog box has been improved in the following ways:

  • The layout of the export dialog box is now more user friendly and clear.

  • The drawing preview now opens in another window, where you can also change the current drawing. To open the preview, click Open preview and then click Refresh preview.

  • On the Layer rules rules tab, the name of the setting DWG template has been changed to Target layers from DWG. The target layer boxes are briefly colored in yellow when a new DWG file is loaded from the Target layers from DWG list. When there are no layers available in the DWG file, the boxes are colored in red.

  • The DWG file not found text is displayed next to the Browse... button until a DWG or a DXF file is found and loaded.

  • When you click the Export button, Tekla Structures first checks if the files can be written to before the export starts, and asks you to close the necessary applications. It also checks if the files already exist and asks if you want to overwrite the existing files.

Other DWG export improvements

  • In DWG export, the exported block names now contain a drawing id, which makes them easier to be identified. Earlier, the block names consisted of the object type and exporting order number.

  • The DWG export now supports relative location in the output folder definition. The defined output folder is now saved in the export settings. To use relative folder location, add .\ in front of the folder name.

  • When using drawing DWG export for multiple drawings, previously it showed a dialog box for each drawing that needed an update before export. Now it shows one dialog box in the end instead.

  • In DWG export, if you selected export line type to be following Tekla Structures object and a layer, continuous line type is now exported explicitly as continuous line type. Previously continuous line type was exported as by layer.

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