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When you start Tekla Structures , you are asked to choose your Tekla Structures setup. The setup consists of an environment, role, and configuration.

  • Environment means region-specific settings and information. It defines, for example, which profiles, material grades, default values, drawing settings, component settings, reports, and templates are available and used for the specific region.
  • Role is a user group profile that limits the availability of files and settings in an environment. The user interface has been customized for each role, meaning that some of the settings that are not relevant for the specific role are hidden to make the user interface clearer and easier to use.
  • Configuration consists of a set of features that the user is entitled to based on the license agreement. Each configuration is meant for a specific user group, to suit the various players in the construction industry.

If you are a company administrator, see Overview of environments, roles and licenses.

Choose your Tekla Structures setup

  1. Start Tekla Structures by selecting it from the Windows Start menu or by double-clicking the desktop icon.

    A dialog box where you choose your Tekla Structures setup appears.

  2. Select an environment that fits the region where your project is done.

    If you cannot find the desired environment from the list, see Install Tekla Structures.

    You can also select blank project and use it as a basis for a customized environment.

  3. Select a role.

    The availability of roles depends on your environment, but typically the following roles are available:

    • Concrete Contractor
    • Engineer
    • General Contractor
    • Precast Concrete Detailer
    • Production Planner - Concrete
    • Rebar Detailer
    • Steel Detailer
  4. Select a configuration.

    The configuration you are using may not contain all the features described in the Tekla Structures product guides. For more information on the features available in each configuration, see Tekla Structures configurations.

  5. Click OK.

    Tekla Structures start screen appears.

  6. Select what you want to do:
    • On the Recent tab, you can open a recently used model.

      If the Recent tab is empty, then the All models tab is shown.

    • On the All models tab, you can open any existing model.

      If the All models tab is empty, then the New tab is shown.

      On the Recent and All models tabs, you can sort each of the columns. Additionally, you can change the order and size of the columns by dragging them.

      You can search models by name just by starting to type the name of the model. For example, when you type N, Tekla Structures selects the first model starting with the letter N.

      To open the selected model, double-click the selected model, or select the model and click the Open button.

    • On the Shared models tab, you can open a model that has been shared by using Tekla Model Sharing. Note that you need to be logged in with your Trimble Identity to be able to work with Tekla Model Sharing models.
    • On the New tab, you can create a new model.

Create your own environment: blank project

Blank project is a Tekla Structures environment that includes only generic content, such as parametric profiles, undefined bolt, material and rebar grades, and basic drawing layouts. It can be used for gathering region-, company-, or project-specific settings, tools, and information. The blank project is always included in the Tekla Structures installation.

Download and install content to the blank project

You can use Tekla Warehouse to download and install content to the blank project. For example, you can download profiles, material grades, bolts, reinforcement, components, applications, and templates from Tekla Warehouse across all environment- and manufacturer-specific collections, and make combinations that suit your needs.

You can download and install content from Tekla Warehouse both before and during a project. Before starting a project, you can install content to your project and firm folders. During a project, you can install content to the model folder.

Check or change your Tekla Structures setup

You can check your current Tekla Structures setup (environment, role, and configuration) at any time without having to close the model.

  1. On the File menu, click Settings and scroll down to the License area.

    You current setup is displayed.

  2. Change the setup if needed.

    You may be required to restart Tekla Structures after the changes.

Join or leave the Automatic User Feedback program

Join the Automatic User Feedback program to help improve Tekla Structures. This is an easy way to influence the future development of Tekla Structures , because the program collects anonymous information on how you use the software.

The program collects usage patterns and trends of how you use the commands and tools in the software. The program collects this information automatically while you use Tekla Structures. You can view the log file to check the collected data. Your privacy is always a priority - the information we collect cannot be used to identify you, and your data is combined with other people's data to make statistical analysis.

  1. On the Tekla Structures menu, click Settings and scroll down to the Automatic User Feedback area.
  2. Select one of the options:
    • Yes, I want to participate in the program: you accept the collecting of anonymous information
    • No, I would not like to participate: you do not accept the collecting of information
  3. To check the data that has been collected, click the review the collected data link.

    Tekla Structures displays the UserFeedbackLog.txt file.

  4. To send feedback or questions about the program, send e-mail to the address
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