Construction stage events

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Tekla Structural Designer

Construction stage events

An Event Sequence defines all the construction stage events that slabs in a sub model will go through starting from the day the slabs are cast.

Deflection is very dependant on the extent of cracking. Once the slab has cracked then it is assumed to remain cracked. The tensile stress of concrete varies with time so careful consideration of load events are required so predicted stresses can be compared with allowable at the appropriate age. Propping loads from slabs being cast above are acknowledged to be significant early loading events which will cause cracking.

In addition to the Final load event, construction stages that could be considered are:

  1. Striking
  2. Casting the floor above

    Propping loads from casting slabs above have an impact on already struck slabs - dependant upon the extent of back-propping adopted.

    Extract from How to design reinforced concrete flat slabs using Finite Element Analysis, The Concrete Centre - Figure 2

  3. Adding Partitions
  4. Finishes

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