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Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

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Command Description

Select items then copy.

See also: Copy and rotate objects

Copy Loads Copy between objects in the current case, or copy from one case to another.

See also: Copy loads

Move Select items then move.

See also: Move and rotate objects

Mirror Select items then mirror.

See also: Mirror objects to new locations

Delete Delete Selected Items.
Join Joins members to make a longer continuous member.

See also: Join and split members

Split Splits existing continuous members.

See also: Join and split members

Reverse Reverse Wall Panel Faces (inside becomes outside), or Reverse Beam Directions.

See also: Reverse member axes and panel faces

Beam Lines Joins existing concrete beams to make a continuous concrete beam.

See also: Automatically join all concrete beams

Cutting Planes Move/Activate/Deactivate planes to isolate a smaller visible working area within the model.

See also: Manage cutting planes

Move Model Moves the entire model to a new origin.

See also: Move the model or the DXF shadow

Rationalize Open a dialog to remove unused grids, planes, frames etc.

See also: Rationalize the model

Move DXF Shadow Move the dxf shadow to a new origin.

See also: Move the model or the DXF shadow

Create Infills Creates a pattern of infill members in the selected bay.

See also: Create infill members

Merge Planes Merge two closely spaced planes.

See also: Merge planes

Free Points Add, move, or delete points at specific co-ordinates to facilitate creation of other objects.

See also: Create and manage free points

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