Tips for basic tasks

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Tips for basic tasks

Here we provide useful hints and tips that help you use the Tekla Structural Designer user interface and its basic features more efficiently.

Use the tooltip for input in a command

When you need to specify a distance or pick a point, a tooltip appears, displaying the current value.

Do one the following:
  • Move the mouse pointer to the required point and click the point to use it.
  • Press F2 to type an exact number, and press Enter.

Undo a command

In the Quick Access toolbar, click Undo.

Cancel a command or go back to the previous prompt

Yellow command prompts are viewed on the top of the active view to guide you through each command. To react to command prompts, see the following instructions.
Do one of the following:
To Do this
Cancel a command
  • Press Esc at the first command prompt.

Go back to the previous command prompt
  • Press Esc at a subsequent command prompt.


Selecting another command also cancels the current command.


The parallel grid line command consists of four steps. Hence, four consecutive command prompts are displayed.

The grid line is created after the fourth prompt. After that, prompt 2 is automatically redisplayed.

At this point, you can either continue to create additional lines parallel to the original, or go back to the first prompt by pressing Esc.

Then, you can either select a new reference line and continue again, or cancel the command by pressing Esc again.

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