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Tekla PowerFab is a software solution designed for the needs of the steel fabrication industry. Tekla PowerFab brings together various modules that integrate seamlessly with each other, so the information that you enter in one Tekla PowerFab module is available through the entire workflow.

Tekla PowerFab is a multi-user environment with a centralized database, which mean that multiple employees can be logged in simultaneously to perform their duties and access the same source of information.

Tekla PowerFab is built upon the industry best practices. However, the operations and options in Tekla PowerFab can be customized to match your existing processes and procedures.

Tekla PowerFab consists of the following modules:
  • The Combining module allows you to create advanced bills of materials while optimizing the use of material and minimizing the waste.
  • The Estimating module allows you to create estimates with customizable pricing based on multiple sources for material pricing and shop-specific labor.
  • The Inventory module allows you to track your entire inventory across all jobs as material is received and consumed. The Inventory module also allows you to track stock materials and non-steel items.
  • The Project Management module allows you to easily share project information to all users that participate in a project, and create and view project schedules in order to track the progress of the project.
  • The Production Control module allows you to view and manage the fabrication process of material items.
  • The Purchasing module allows you to create requisitions, and automate and optimize creating and tracking purchase orders.
  • The Order Entry module allows you to manage all tasks related to selling material from your warehouse or shop, such as creating quotes and orders, invoicing, and recording payments.
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