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I have to work from home / remotely, but I need to continue to access our software and licenses. How
do I do this?

Which products does this relate to?

This relates to all of our products that utilize the Sentinel RMS licensing system, including:
  • Tekla Tedds
  • Tekla Structural Designer
  • Tekla Portal Frame Designer
  • Tekla Connection Designer

How do I access the licenses for these products when working from home / remotely?

To be able to access a server license that’s based in your office when you’re working remotely, then you just need to be able to connect to the same network that the license server is on.  This is typically done using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection.

Unfortunately, we can't assist you in setting up a VPN - this is something for your IT department/provider to help with.  However, if you already have a VPN set up and are still having issues accessing the licenses on your office server, then we have some information below to assist.

Issues when using a VPN (Virtual Private Network):

Typically, the main cause of issues when working from home/remotely is that the firewall on the client (user’s) machine will be blocking our products from communicating with the license server.  The articles below explain how to configure firewalls for use with our products when working remotely:

Using the Commute feature to work remotely:

If access to a VPN isn’t an option, then you can use the Commute feature to work remotely.  This effectively removes a license from your server onto your local machine for a certain period of time.
To use the Commute feature you will require network access to your license server from within your office.  See the related article Using the Commute feature to work remotely  which explains how to use the Commute feature.

Are there any alternatives?

If the above solutions do not work for your situation, please contact your account manager to discuss possible alternative licensing options.
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