Tekla Tedds 2020 release notes

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Tekla Tedds 2020 release notes


First Steps

Start your learning journey using our interactive elearning courses which consist of tutorials that you can take in any order. Alternatively you can read the Tedds Quick Start Guide which is accessed from the Tedds Help menu.

Software Update Service

The Software Update Service allows you to get the latest improvements to Tedds as soon as they are available. Providing you have an active internet connection you will be notified by Tedds whenever a new update is available. You can check for updates at any time from the Tedds help menu.


Tedds includes a comprehensive help system and documentation that are accessible from the application Help menu.

Tekla User Assistance

The Tekla User Assistance services are 24/7 online support channels for fast self-service, where you can find all the product guides, additional knowledge-base articles and instructional videos.

Tekla Discussion Forum

The Tekla Discussion Forum is the place to meet other users and discuss topics related to Tekla products. You can ask questions, contribute to the community by sharing your knowledge or get answers from support personnel.


The Tekla Helpdesks support your daily operations so that our systems function as expected and any problems are solved as quickly as possible.

Tekla Structural License Service

The Tekla Structural License Service allows you to share and manage your licenses.

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