2019 SP9: New features and improvements

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

2019 SP9: New features and improvements

Document manager improvements

New buttons in Document manager

  • The commands Lock, Unlock, Freeze, Freeze off, Mark drawing ready for issuing, Unmark drawing ready for issuing, Issue, and Unissue are now available for quick access as buttons at the top of the dialog box. You can hide this set of buttons by clicking the arrow next to the buttons. These commands are still available in the context menu as previously.


Show selected documents only mode improved

  • When you activated the Show selected documents only mode, Document manager did not show documents that were then created or modified. This has now been fixed so that new and changed documents are shown, as long as they match the active search and selected category criteria. These documents will then appear in the list as unselected to distinguish them from the already selected documents.


Improvement in issuing drawings

  • If you selected a set of drawings to be issued in the Document manager list, and one of the selected drawings has already been issued, then the Issue command was not available in the context menu. The same problem existed with unissuing if one of the selected drawings was not currently issued. This has now been fixed so that Issue and Unissue context menu commands are always visible regardless of the issuing state of the selected drawings.


Order of drawings in Print Drawings dialog box

  • The order of drawings in the Print Drawings dialog box now matches the order they appeared in Document manager at the point in time when the Print Drawings dialog box was opened.


Curved line accuracy increased in reference models

  • The accuracy of curved lines in reference models has been increased, and now there are four times more segments in curves. Earlier, curved lines sometimes turned into sets of straight lines after reference model insert.

    The LargeTessellationPerCircle setting in the TrimBimPlugin.config configuration file used to be hard coded to 48, now 192 is the default value. If you have problems with the performance, you can decrease the value in TrimBimPlugin.config, which is located in the .\bin\referenceplugin\trimbim folder.

    This setting affects all new inserted and updated reference models. For existing reference models, you need to delete the reference model and reinsert it to use the new value.

    This improvement applies to all reference model formats.



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TTSD-39384 Reinforcement

Previously, From plane offsets for tapered curved rebar groups were not always working correctly. This has now been fixed.

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