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Defect number Development area Description
TSAC-2089 Concrete components In Mesh bars, bar splicing has been improved and bar lengths cannot extend the maximum allowed value.
TSAC-2639 Concrete components Meshes created by Mesh bars and Mesh bars by area are now created with the correct catalog name.
TSAC-2744 Concrete components Longitudinal reinforcement (70) now recognizes cuts in the concrete parts.
TSAC-2764 Concrete components In Embedded anchors (8), rebars are now created correctly when the rebar size is defined as text and not as a number.
TSAC-2879 Concrete components In Corbels and recesses (82), offsetting created parts with the Reference point option now works properly.
TSAC-2885 Concrete components Continuous beam reinforcement now works again.
TSAC-2892 Concrete components In Rectangular column reinforcement (83), the overlap length for stirrups is now converted properly to imperial units.
TSAC-2977 Concrete components In Round column reinforcement (82), you can now define the horizontal dimensions of the top and bottom cranked bars as a distance between the center of bars or as the outer distance of bars.
TSAC-2226 Steel components In Hollow brace wraparound gusset (59), the seal plate was not previously created when the weld length was set to be smaller than zero. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-2349 Steel components In Railings (S77), top rail part cut creation has been improved.
TSAC-2554 Steel components In Ladder (S35), in some cases, hoops were previously not created correctly. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-2631 Steel components In Column site weld splice (137), gusset plates and splice plates are now created when the main part profile is a circular hollow section.
TSAC-2733 Steel components In Beam with stiffener (129), the bolt edge distance is now correctly applied.
TSAC-2756 Steel components In Welded column with stiffeners (128), the stiffener welding angles are now correctly applied.
TSAC-2800 Steel components In Handrail 1 (74), slotted holes are now correctly applied to bolts.
TSAC-2858 Steel components In Full depth S (185) and JP Full depth special (185), shear tab chamfers did not work correctly in some cases. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-2882 Steel components Partial stiff end plate (65) now works correctly when using an L profile instead of a front plate.
TSAC-2884 Steel components In Haunch (40), previously, when using the upper bolt plate or lower bolt plate together with the bolting direction option, some bolts were not created correctly. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-2918 Steel components In Bolted gusset (11), slotted holes were previously applied incorrectly when using twin profiles as the secondary part. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-2935 Steel components In Tube gusset (20), the Bolt type for Brace bolts 1-3 is now correctly applied when using cross plates as the connection type.
TSAC-2936 Steel components In Tube gusset (20), the settings on the Brace bolts 3 tab are now correctly applied for the 3rd and all the subsequent braces.
TSAC-2944 Steel components In Full depth (184), some cuts were previously not created correctly. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-2954 Steel components In Cornet wrapped gusset (63), filler plates were previously created in an incorrect location. This has now been fixed.
Also, there is now a new option on the Brace conn tab for specifying where the filler plate should be placed when using two connection plates.
TSAC-2956 Steel components In Joist to beam, type 1 (160), the location of the secondary part handle no longer affects the created joist cuts.
TSAC-311 Steel components In Tube splice (6), the creation of welds between the splice plates and the input parts has been improved.
TSAC-857 Steel components Seat type 5 (60) does not create an unwanted fitting anymore.
TTSD-24752 Organizer In Organizer, the synchronization performance has been improved.
TTSD-21401 Import, export, interoperability Reference models: When DirectX rendering was enabled, some lines in a DWG reference model disappeared at certain zoom levels. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-24843 Import, export, interoperability Reference models: Curved rebars are now visualized with better accuracy in IFC reference models.
TTSD-25325 Import, export, interoperability IFC object conversion: Some B-rep cuts were not created correctly, which caused slowness. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-25462 Import, export, interoperability Reference models: Hovering with the mouse over a reference model no longer highlights all reference model objects, only the pointed reference object, to improve the performance. Complete reference model is still selected as before, when clicked.
TTSD-25585 Import, export, interoperability Bolts are now shown correctly in reference models.
TTSD-25692 Import, export, interoperability Reference models: Conversion factors from metric to imperial have been added to IFC reference models.
TTSD-26027 Import, export, interoperability Reference models: Models with reference models are now opened faster. You can now again change the visibility of locked reference models.
TTSD-26132, TTSD-26655 Import, export, interoperability The profile mapping now works in the following way:
  • Arbitrary profile mapping by name does not need to match the dimensions.
  • Arbitrary profile mapping by name can be set to require dimensions to match by setting the new advanced option XS_CONVERSION_ARBITRARY_PROFILE_MAPPING_BY_NAME_MUST_MATCH_DIMENSIONS to TRUE. The default is FALSE.
  • Parametric profile conversion by profile name mapping does not need to match the dimensions.
  • Parametric profile conversion tries to find a corresponding library profile and if any profile does not match the parameters, the default parametric profile will be used.
TTSD-26273 Import, export, interoperability Reference models: The data handling of reference models sometimes failed, and the Temp.tmp file remained in .\DataStorage\ref folder. As a result, saving of a multi user model froze Tekla Structures and it needed to be closed from Task Manager.  Tekla Structures also froze in single user model. These have now been fixed.
TSAC-2634 Drawings In Rebar group marking, the Lines and symbol tab now has a new functionality for drawing a symbol on the distribution line and leader line intersection. The functionality for rebar symbols is now on the new Symbols on rebars tab.
TSAC-2686 Drawings Rebar group marking: A new setting was added on the Mark1 tab to set the text distance from the leader line.
TTSD-17420 Drawings Skewed or squashed symbols (with unequal height and width) containing arcs were drawn incorrectly in some cases. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-21240 Drawings The Snapshot button is available again in the old drawing list.
TTSD-24211 Drawings Customizing the rebar position in drawings did not work correctly if there were several views on top of each other. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-24826 Drawings Dragging dimension points no longer moves the whole dimension.
TTSD-25125 Drawings Clipping non-solid imported items now works better in drawings.
TTSD-25377 Drawings The Clone selected command now works slightly better when the target has less parts or assemblies than the selected source.
TTSD-25443 Drawings In Document manager the tooltip for the Invert document visibility button now changes to Reset document visibility when the button is active to indicate that clicking the button again will reset the document visibility.
TTSD-25563 Drawings The grid graphics were missing from the Grid line properties dialog box, which prevented the editing of individual grid lines. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-25597 Drawings Previously, setting the XS_BOLT_DUPLICATE_IGNORE to TRUE removed the bolts in duplicate holes from GA drawings. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-25607 Drawings It is no longer possible to open a drawing in Document Manager while direct editing one of its properties. Previously if that was done, any in-progress editing was lost. Now the edit is committed.
TTSD-25650 Drawings Now you can select slightly more targets with the Clone selected command  and still have a good cloning result.
TTSD-25779 Drawings Merged marks cloned with the Clone selected command no longer have unnecessary change clouds.
TTSD-25828 Drawings The Clone selected command in GA drawings now handles slightly better parts that exist in the target assemblies but not in the source.
TTSD-25907 Drawings The Clone selected command now handles better associative notes that are not properly associated.
TTSD-26028 Drawings Document Manager caused an application error because a column name contained an invalid character '-'. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-26105 Drawings When copying views with layout from another drawing to the current drawing, the reports are no longer re-calculated for each view, but only once. Now copying views with layout works faster.
TTSD-26182 Drawings Leader lines of merged marks now work better with the Clone selected command.
TTSD-25827 Tekla Model Sharing Previously, if some files related to a model had percent signs (%) in their names, sharing the model could fail. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-25994 Tekla Model Sharing Tekla Model Sharing:
- If writing out a shared model fails, the model sharing log and the error log now show more details about the failure.
- Shared models can now be saved even if some of the saved files are locked by other applications, such as antivirus software.
TTSD-26304 Tekla Model Sharing In some situations, conflicts in the model could cause the error "Dbvirtual fatal error: internal consistency failure" in read in and restart of Tekla Structures. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-2576 Reinforcement Rebar shape manager has been changed so that multiple sequential bendings which form an arc are combined into one or more bendings (90 degrees or less) with the arc radius. This makes it possible to define bending shapes containing a large radius bending no matter how many individual bendings appear in the original bar geometry.

This functionality is in use when you set the new XS_REBAR_COMBINE_BENDINGS_IN_EVALUATOR advanced option to TRUE. The advanced option can also be set in a suitable .ini file:

When the advanced option is set to FALSE (which is the default value), the bendings appear as multiple bendings and the shape is recognized as before.
TSAC-2605 Reinforcement In Rebar shape manager, a new tolerance value, Curve tolerance, has been added to the Tolerances tab. This value is used for recognizing the arc in a rebar that has multiple sequential bendings.

If the deviation of the rebar leg from the arc is less than the tolerance, multiple bendings are combined to one (or two) bendings with the arc radius as the bending radius.
TSAC-2735 Reinforcement Previously, if you used a Rebar coupler or Rebar end anchor component with rebar sets and manually attached the rebar set bars to another part, the components remained attached to the original part. This has now been fixed. Now both the rebars set bars and the components are correctly attached to the other part.
TSAC-2941 Reinforcement Previously, the first / last leg length was incorrect when hooks were set to be ignored in shape recognition (XS_REBAR_RECOGNITION_HOOKS_CONSIDERATION=FALSE) and the hook angle was less than 90 degrees. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-21170 Reinforcement When copying properties of rebar sets, the first affected bar is now copied correctly.
TTSD-23905 Reinforcement DirectX rendering performance has been improved when visualizing bent rebars which have a large bending radius.
TTSD-24838 Reinforcement Copying rebar set properties in the property pane now works correctly when you use area selection to select the rebar sets to which you want to copy properties.
TTSD-25246 Reinforcement Modifying multiple rebar set leg faces or guidelines through the property pane now works correctly.
TTSD-26272 Reinforcement Previously, when creating property modifiers for rebar sets, the selected bars picking mode was not activated. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-26528 Reinforcement In rebar sets, the leg face and the secondary guideline selection was previously lost in the property pane after a modification. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-26787 Reinforcement The property pane is now updated correctly when selecting a modifier command on the Rebar set contextual tab on the ribbon, or on the contextual toolbar. Previously, the property pane occasionally showed the properties of the selected rebar set even if you selected a modifier command.
TTSD-13141, TTSD-25525 Modeling Pour resolving speed has been improved. When opening a model that contains pours, the initial pour resolving is now faster than before. This is especially noticeable when opening models containing a large number of pours.
TTSD-16302 Modeling Weld position is now available on the contextual toolbar in the Construction modeling configuration.
TTSD-24549 Modeling Models created with Tekla Structures versions older than 2017 could get corrupted if they were saved while runtime IDs were disabled. Saving models will now fail if runtime IDs are disabled, which will prevent models from being corrupted for that reason.
TTSD-25123 Modeling Previously, cross sections could sometimes get incorrectly renamed with a redundant extension " 2", when automatically renamed after importing profiles (for example, "A100 2 2", or "A100 2 2 2 2"). Now the deduplication numbers in cross section names are incremented correctly (for example, "A100 3", "A100 4", and so on).
TTSD-25146 Modeling When creating construction arcs and circles, free snapping (to any position) is now always forced on the current plane.
TTSD-25153 Modeling When creating construction objects, it is no longer necessary to be very close to the desired points to be snapped.
TTSD-25163 Modeling Previously, when holes were not modeled correctly (not going through any part), they were invisible, giving to a user no chance to fix the situation. This now has been fixed.
TTSD-25478 Modeling It is now possible to use coordinate locks when creating construction objects
TTSD-25571 Modeling Deleting the latest used shape from the Shape catalog does not prevent inserting the following items anymore.
TTSD-25661 Modeling The selected snap switch now works correctly when creating construction objects.
TTSD-25782 Modeling An issue that would have caused certain previously imported shapes in the shape catalog to be incorrectly cleaned has been fixed in Tekla Structures. The affected shapes typically have had holes and have been imported to Tekla Structures using a version prior to Tekla Structures version 2018i, and then cleaned in version 2018i or newer using the Shape cleaner application. The incorrect result could be seen in the 3D view as missing faces on the cleaned shapes.
TTSD-25862 Modeling Previously, when updating a bolt group using the old property dialog box, the bolt tolerance changed to 1.0. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-25981 Modeling Performance issues in user-defined sketched profile use have been fixed.
TTSD-26117 Modeling Saving the model with Save as could take a long time because Tekla Structures was recreating drawings. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-26240 Modeling Previously, profiles whose SUB_TYPE was defined without quotation marks in the .lis file could not be imported. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-26395 Modeling When you create a concrete or a steel item, the Undo history dialog box now properly shows the correct command name. Previously, the dialog box listed Direct modification as the last command.
TTSD-26760 Modeling Previously, when you loaded a property file that did not contain the assembly numbering value in the property pane, Tekla Structures would crash. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-2242 Tools and components In Layout manager, the layout points selected in the model were not properly highlighted in Layout manager when they belonged to different groups. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-2518 Tools and components The performance of layout point and layout line handling has been improved in Layout manager.
TSAC-2759 Tools and components In some cases, changing the group name in the Layout point or Layout line dialog box could cause an error when clicking the Modify button. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-2966 Tools and components In Layout manager, in some cases, it was not possible to delete points from a Layout manager group. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-20154 Tools and components Using the AutoDefaults rule group Shear_Tabs no longer crashes Tekla Structures and Windows.
TTSD-22240 User interface Objects now remain visible at all zoom levels. Previously, they disappeared from the view at some zoom levels.
TTSD-25075 User interface Reference models: Previously, there was sometimes a significant lag when zooming to reference model objects while the Set view rotation point (V) command was active. This has now been improved.
TTSD-25509 User interface When filtering object types in the property pane editor, the editor will now only allow you to make changes if you have an object type selected. Previously, trying to make changes with no object type selected caused Tekla Structures to crash.
TTSD-25514 User interface The last used contextual toolbar profile is now correctly stored in the registry. Previously, it was overwritten when you started Tekla Structures again.
TTSD-25602 User interface When entering imperial values in the property pane for rebar sets, the values for rounding and step tapering are now formatted correctly.
TTSD-25935 User interface The Selection filter list on the Selecting toolbar is now updated in real time when you modify the filters in the Object Group - Selection Filter dialog box.
TTSD-26021 User interface Several fixes have been made to DirectX graphics both in object visualization and performance.
In DirectX views, the clip planes do not disappear anymore in plan views.
TTSD-26216 User interface The ribbon now displays the icon for a user-defined command when you select a custom image file as the icon. Previously, only the gallery icons worked.
TTSD-26311 User interface In the contextual toolbar, you can now use feet and inch symbols in offset values.
TTSD-26737 User interface Tooltips of user-defined commands are now correctly displayed on the ribbon.
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