Troubleshoot 401 Unauthorized error

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Troubleshoot 401 Unauthorized error

The 401 Unauthorized error indicates that the setup process for a user is incomplete. It is likely that the user is not in your organization in the Tekla Online Admin Tool or does not have the appropriate licenses assigned to them there. This error can occur when logging into Tekla PowerFab desktop application or Tekla PowerFab Go.

The main steps for setting up a new user are the following:

  1. Create the Trimble Identity, see Create your Trimble Identity for Tekla products.
  2. Accept invitation to the organization, see Manage user accounts for Tekla products.
  3. Assign licensing, see Manage Tekla Structures subscriptions.
  4. Set up user in Tekla PowerFab, see Manage Tekla PowerFab users.

The first and second steps can be done when the organization's administrator invites the user through the Tekla Online Admin Tool, which sends an email with links to the user. Usually the 401 Unauthorized error occurs when users set up their Trimble Identity but do not accept the invitation to the organization.

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