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Update Tekla EPM manually

If the Update folder has not been defined in the Default Directories dialog box, users need to update Tekla EPM on each client workstation manually.

Before you update any client workstation, note that:
  • The server computer needs to be already updated and the Tekla EPM Remote Server needs to be stopped. While the server computer is updating, Tekla EPM has to be closed on all client workstations.

  • Signing in to Tekla EPM on the server computer needs to be done, so that any necessary database structure changes are run.

  • To connect and share information, all workstations in your company need to have the same version of Tekla EPM as the server computer.

  1. Download the desired update from downloads.tekla.com.
  2. Close Tekla EPM.
  3. Go to the location where you downloaded the update, and double-click the update.
  4. In the Tekla EPM License Agreement wizard, review the license agreement.
  5. Select Accept.
  6. At the bottom-right corner, click Next >.
  7. Select Update as the install type, and ensure that Update Existing Program Files is selected.
  8. At the bottom-right corner, click Next >.
  9. In the Destination Folder field, check the location where the update will be installed.
  10. To install the update, click Install.
  11. If Tekla EPM asks you to close Tekla EPM and stop the remote server, click Yes to both.
  12. When the update has been installed, click Close to close the installation window.
  13. Sign in to Tekla EPM.
    Note that sometimes when you log in to Tekla EPM after an update, you may get the following messages:
    1. A message saying that the current database needs to be updated.

      Click OK.

    2. A message confirming that the database should be updated.

      Click Yes.

    3. A message asking you to allow creating a backup copy of the current database.

      Click OK, create a backup, and save it to the desired location.

Tekla EPM will continue to update any information that needs to be updated.

You can now start working in the updated version of Tekla EPM.

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