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Manage grades

In the Shape / Grade / Size Maintenance dialog box, you can manage the material grades of shapes in multiple ways. You can add, modify, and delete grades, set default grades for shapes, and add grade overrides, grade redirections, grade substitutions, and grade abbreviations.

  • To modify grade properties, select the shape whose grades you want to modify, and open the Grades tab.

The Shape / Grade / Size Maintenance dialog box shows the different grade details of the shape:

(1) The Grade list shows all available material grades included for the selected shape. To view the properties of a specific material grade, select it in the Grade list.

(2) The default grade of the selected shape. Each shape with grades has a default grade that Tekla EPM uses for the shape by default. The default grade of the shape is marked with an asterisk (*).

You can change the default grade by selecting another grade in the Default list, and clicking Update.

(3) The Substitutions tab shows the existing grade substitutions of the selected grade. Grade substitutions allow Tekla EPM to combine materials to material grades in the inventory that do not match the material grades in bills of materials. Grade substitutions can be useful when very little material of a particular material grade is needed, so another grade can be used instead.

You can add and delete grade substitutions, and increase or decrease the order of grade substitutions.

(4) The Redirections tab shows the existing grade redirections of the selected grade. Grade redirections allow Tekla EPM to recognize material grades that are imported to Tekla EPM with names that Tekla EPM does not initially recognize. When you use grade redirections, the imported material grades are redirected to the appropriate material grades.

(5) The Abbreviations tab shows the grade abbreviations added for the selected grade. Grade abbreviations are alternative spellings that you can use for your material grades in Tekla EPM.

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