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Manage dimensions

You can manage material dimensions, or material sizes, in the Tekla EPM material database in several ways. You can add, modify, and delete dimensions, and add grade overrides or alternates for the dimensions.

  • To view and modify dimension properties, open the Dimensions tab at the top of the Shape / Grade / Size Maintenance dialog box.

The Shape / Grade / Size Maintenance dialog box shows the different details of dimensions:

(1) The Dimension list shows all available dimensions for the selected shape. To view the properties of a specific dimension, select it in the list.

(2) On the Alternates tab, you can view, add, modify, and delete alternate dimensions. When importing a dimension with a description that Tekla EPM does not recognize, alternate dimensions allow Tekla EPM to identify the imported dimension.

(3) The Properties tab shows the properties of the selected dimension.

(4) On the Grade Overrides tab, you can view, add, modify, and delete grade overrides. Grade overrides allow Tekla EPM to assign a specific unit weight for a specific dimension. Grade overrides should only be used for shapes that do not have linear unit weights, such as stainless steel.

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