Define company standard settings for Estimating

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Define company standard settings for Estimating

In the Estimating Company Standards dialog box, you can define the standard data entry settings for the Estimating module. Among other things, you can set the job numbering and the default material finish of items, create fabrication categories and sub-categories, select material suppliers, define galvanizing costs including freight, and select the size input and display units. Yyou can also modify these settings on a job by job basis in the Estimating module.

  1. Click the Maintenance ribbon tab.
  2. On the menu, select Estimating > Company Standards.
  3. In the Estimating Company Standards dialog box, adjust the following options according to your needs:



    Job # Increment

    Allows you to select the default option for automatic job numbering. The options are:
    • Increment from Last Job #:

      When you create a new job, Tekla EPM uses the next available job number after the latest job number created.

    • Increment from Largest Job #: Tekla EPM uses the next available job number after the largest job number created.

    • Don't Increment: Automatic job numbering is not used.

    You can modify the job number when you create a new job.

    Default Finish

    The most typical material finish for most estimating jobs and items.

    Item Increment

    Sets the auto-increment for item numbers.

    Using the default auto-increment of 10 allows items to be added in the list according to your needs, without having to renumber the other items in the job.

    Keep Job Selection Screen Open

    When selected, the Select Estimating Job dialog box stays open after a job has been selected.

    Report Pricing - Automatically Select Last Combining Run

    When selected, Tekla EPM automatically uses the pricing used in the last saved combining run.

    Imports - Use Piece Mark as Part #

    When selected, imported piece marks are automatically used as part number items in the estimating material list.

    Imports - Use as Production Code

    Select whether you want to use assembly main marks, piece marks, drawing descriptions, or assembly descriptions as production codes.


    If you use piece marks as production codes, you can ensure that each item in a production control job matches the same item in a linked estimating job. This guarantees that the corresponding items have the same labor times.

    Job # Regular Expression

    Allows the use of regular expressions to enforce a desired format for the job numbers.

  4. Click the buttons at the bottom of the dialog box to modify galvanizing settings, fabrication categories and sub-categories, input and display units, combining optimizations, and suppliers.
  5. When you have defined all necessary settings, click Save.
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