Frequently asked questions: Tekla Structures Subscription licensing


What is the difference between a subscription license and a perpetual license? With a subscription license, you typically pay for an annual subscription. While the subscription is active, you have access to support, upgrades, and online services. With a perpetual software license, you pay for the software when you…

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Tekla PowerFab 2020 SP3

Tekla PowerFab 2020 SP3 is now available in Tekla Downloads.

Tekla Structures 2024 SP2

Tekla Structures 2024 Service pack 2 and the release notes are now available. See the links below.

New interactive model view rotation symbol in the model view

Question: While using Tekla Structures version 2024, I am unable to access/see the "new interactive model view rotation" symbol/feature in the model view. Can you provide guidance? Answer: The "new interactive model view rotation" feature is exclusive to the DirectX rendering mode. If you are unable to see it, you may be using the…

Model View rotation
view rotation
view rotate

2024 SP2: Important improvements and fixes

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2024 SP2: Important improvements and fixes The latest Tekla Structures service pack and updated environment installers are available in Tekla Downloads. Download Tekla Structures Top fix: Part was sometimes not visible in the model Previously, part geometry was sometimes missing when a part was created and the DirectX rendering was in use. This issue has now been fixed. TTSD-63719, TTSD-63908 Top fix: …

Engineering library update - May 2024

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Engineering library update - May 2024 Tekla Tedds engineering library update (May 2024 - version 26.2 Engineering Library - Release Notes) is available in Tekla Downloads. American Design

Product Bulletin May 2024 (PBT-2405-1)

Masonry section design (TMS) - Fixed a potentially un-conservative error affecting the calculation of biaxial bending for a masonry reinforced wall when designed to the strength (STR) method. For more detailed information please refer to the Product bulletin…


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It was not possible to use Tekla Structures 2024 and newer versions at the same time as Tekla Structures 2021 and older, Tekla Structures 2023 SP4 and lower, or 2022 SP10 and lower. This issue has now been fixed for Tekla Structures 2024. Changes have also been made to improve how Tekla Structures 2024 handles Windows updates.


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Export to Tekla Structural Designer: Exported beams with L profiles are now correctly positioned in Tekla Structural Designer. Previously, the horizontal alignment and the sign of the minor offset were incorrect in Tekla Structural Designer.


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Earlier, when using shortening in unfolded views, and having set XS_DRAW_BENDING_END_LINES_IN_UNFOLDING to TRUE to show bending end lines in drawings, the lines might not be shown. This issue has now been fixed.


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The TSEP package installer no longer warns about unsigned TSEP packages due to signing technology that will be deprecated next year. This change also enables the creation and installation of TSEP installers from cloud services, and the use of new signing technologies in the future.