Use the string function

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Use the string function

The string function converts a variable value into text, so you can use it in a Tedds field that only accepts string arguments. You can use the string function with Input fields, Show fields, Message fields and Log fields.


The following only applies to Tedds for Word.

The particular syntax of a string function is:

string($variable name$, $format$, $unit$)


$variable name$ is the name of the variable that you want to include in the string, or a calculation that gives you the variable value.

$format$ is the format that you want to apply to the calculated value.

$unit$ is the unit in which the variable is to be displayed. Units are optional.

Examples of the string function

Message("The minimum Area of steel required is "+string(A_{s},"F0","mm^(2)")+" mm^2 ","Note")

In the example, the string function ((A_{s},"F0","mm^(2)")) is used for adding values within text.

The + signs tell Tedds for Word to add the parts together to create the text that goes into the dialog.

Input("Input the bar diameter - minimum "+string(D_{min},"F0","mm")+" mm","Dia","mm", string(D_{min},"F0","mm"),2)

In the example, the first string function is used for adding values within the text. The second string function is used on its own without other text, and it calculates a default value that is set in the input dialog.

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