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Groups allow you to group controls together in a logical way. Using groups provides two main benefits: related controls are located in the same area of the interface with their own title, and you can set whether the controls are enabled or not at the group level.


The following only applies to Tedds for Word.

Add groups

  1. At the top of the page, click Add Group.

    A new row appears at the top of the current page.

  2. Name the group.
  3. Define the group properties in the property pane according to your needs.
  4. Add controls into the group according to your needs.

Adjust group properties

The property pane allows you to modify the selected group.

  1. Click the group, and go to the property pane.
  2. Adjust the properties according to your needs.
    The group properties consist of the following components:
    Property name Description

    The title of the group.

    Enable if

    Determines whether the group is enabled or not.


    To always enable the group, leave the field empty.

    To disable the group, type 0 in the field.

    To define a group or control on which the current group is dependent, type the name of the control or group in the Enable if field.

    Hide if disabled

    Determines whether the group is viewed in the interface when it is disabled.

    Single page

    Determines whether the entire group is placed on the same page of the interface.

Delete groups

  1. Select the group that you want to delete.
  2. In the Interface Designer toolbar, click Delete.
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