Steel Design - Compound Section Design - Indian Head Code

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Steel Design - Compound Section Design - Indian Head Code

Following customer requests, a number of steel compound sections can now be designed to the Indian design code. Such sections can be user-defined using the Compound section tool in Home > Materials > Sections > Manage Sections.

  • The section shapes supported by the new design are:

    • Rolled Channels back to back

    • Rolled Channels toe to toe

    • Doubled rolled I sections

    • Doubled rolled I sections with plates

  • The scope of design of these compound sections includes both beams and columns and auto-design. For auto-design, the user can create their own section Order Lists for compound sections once they have added these to their database.

  • In general, the scope of strength checks undertaken is the same as for rolled sections with the following current limitations:

    • The design is for non-composite sections only.

    • Slender Sections are beyond scope.

    • High Shear case with minor axis moment is beyond scope.

    • Design of the lacing or battening system is beyond scope.

    • Only parallel flange sections can be used.

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