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Send To options (the Tedds Application only)

The send to options in the Tedds Application allow you to adjust the transfer of your Tedds calculations to Microsoft Word or Tedds for Word, or via email.

Word page

Select how you want to send your calculations to Microsoft Word. The options are:
  • New document: to create a new document for the calculation,
  • Append to active document: the calculation is added to the end of the current document,
  • Insert in active document: the calculation is placed within your current document at the position of the mouse pointer.

If you select Append to active document or Insert in active document, but have no document open, a new document will be created.

If the send to process needs to create a new document you can specify the Word template that you want it to use. If you don't select a specific template a blank document will be used.

Do not select a Tedds for Word template here, or the sent file will also require Tedds for Word to run.

If you do want to send a calculation from the Tedds Application to Tedds for Word, then use the Send To > Tedds for Word command instead.

TEDDS for Word page

Select which Tedds for Word template to use when you send your Tedds calculations to Tedds for Word. Ensure that you select a Tedds for Word template otherwise the Tedds for Word document will not contain the settings needed to run the calculations.

Email page

Note: The Embed header logo in document option is only effective if you have selected the Link to logo file option in the Document options.
  • If you select Embed logo in document, Tedds embeds the logo in the calculation document before it sends the email.
  • If you do not select this option, Tedds maintains the current link details. In this case, the recipient of the email will only see the logo if the logo file already exists in the same directory location on their computer as on yours.
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