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Shortcut keys

Using some shortcut keys may speed up creating and modifying your calculations in Tedds for Word. For more information on the available shortcut keys, see the following table.

  • A plus sign (+) means that you need to press multiple keys at the same time.

  • A comma sign (,) means that you need to press multiple keys in order.

Attribute Shortcut keys
Subscript text Ctrl + T, I
Superscript text Ctrl +T, 6
Hidden text Ctrl + Shift + H
Normal text Ctrl + Shift + Z
Calculate expression Ctrl + T, E
Calculate section Ctrl + T, S
Calculate all Ctrl + T, A
Calculate selection Ctrl + T, H
Recalculate selection Ctrl + T, R
Calculate from start to here Ctrl + T, Home
Calculate from here to end Ctrl + T, End
Add calc section Ctrl + T, Insert
Cut calc section Ctrl + T, X
Copy calc section Ctrl + T, C
Paste calc section Ctrl + T, V
Delete calc section Ctrl + T, Delete
Previous calc section Ctrl + T, Page up
Next calc section Ctrl + T, Page down
Go to previous error Ctrl + T, <
Go to next error Ctrl + T, >
Insert a Tedds field Ctrl + T, I
Modify calculation sheet header Ctrl + T, D
Open the Variables dialog box Ctrl + T, M
New default calculation document Ctrl + T, N
Launch the Library Access System Ctrl + T, L
Show/hide field codes Ctrl + T, F9
Greek text on/off Ctrl + T, G
Insert square root symbol Ctrl + T, 9
Insert multiplication symbol Ctrl + T, 8
Show/hide hidden calculations Ctrl + T, F10
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