Rigorous slab deflection workflow

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Rigorous slab deflection workflow

You perform rigorous slab deflection analysis in Tekla Structural Designer from the Slab Deflection toolbar.

The suggested workflow is as follows:

  1. Define the slab loading event sequences.
  2. Run a slab deflection analysis and review deflections for the final load event.

    You can analyze the current or selected level (sub-model) or choose to analyze every slab in the model. Obviously your choice has an effect on the time necessary to undertake the iterative slab deflection analysis.

  3. Define the slab deflection checks via the Slab Deflection Check Catalogue and then place Check lines as required.
  4. Graphically review the Slab deflection status and utilization.
  5. Make adjustments as necessary until the status passes. For more information, see Slab deflection optimization.
Note: A reasonable level of slab reinforcement should be established prior to running the Slab Deflection Analysis as this will have a significant impact on the deflection calculations.
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