View, print, or export combining run reports

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View, print, or export combining run reports

You can create different kinds of reports based on the combining run results. You can then view, print, or export the reports according to your needs.

  1. In the Combining Run Results dialog box, click the Combining Run ribbon tab.
  2. On the menu, select Reports.
  3. To only include particular shapes, grades, or dimensions in the reports, in the Combining Run Report Filters dialog box, select a filter type in the Type list, and click Select.
  4. In the Filter dialog box, click the arrow buttons to move the shapes, grades, and dimensions that you want to include to the Included list.
  5. Click Make Report.
  6. In the Report Selection dialog box, select the report.
  7. If you want to include your company's logo in the report, select Show Company Logo.
  8. Do any of the following:


    Do this

    View the report
    • Click View.
    Print the report
    1. In the Report Selection dialog box, change the number of the printed copies by clicking the + and - buttons.
    2. If necessary, click Select Printer, select which device you want to use for printing, and click OK.

      You can also select Default Printer to always use the default printer with this report, or No Printer to reset the used printer.

    3. Click Print.
    4. Click Yes.
    Export the report
    1. Click Export.
    2. In the Export Format list, select an export format.
    3. Click Browse.
    4. Browse to the location where you want to save the exported file, and click Save.
    5. Modify the file name as needed.
    6. To attach the exported file to a Microsoft Outlook email and send it to a recipient, select the Attach to Email checkbox.
    7. To open the file after exporting it, select the Open Exported Document checkbox.
    8. Click Export.
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