Create and manage purchase orders

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Create and manage purchase orders

You can create and modify purchase orders and material items within the purchase orders in the Purchase Orders part of the Purchasing module.

We recommend that you plan the numbering of purchase orders carefully to help you organize the purchase orders in the future.

You can also:
  • Receive and unreceive materials.
  • Filter the information displayed in the purchase order.
  • Approve a purchase order, so that no further changes can be made.
  • Finalize material items, so that no changes can be made to the items.
  • Unfinalize items to allow making changes to them again.
  • Copy material items to another purchase order.
  • View the pricing history of a material item.
  • View the transaction history of a purchase order.
  • View the heat documents attached to material items.
  • View all changes made to a purchase order.
  • Create purchase order reports and receiving reports, and view, print, or export the created reports.
  • Export purchase order information to a selected accounting software.

All material items on purchase orders are also visible in the inventory as items that are on order.

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