Create and manage splice packages

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Create and manage splice packages

You can create splice packages on the Requisitions part of the Purchasing module. Splicing can be very useful if you need to build longer beams and columns out of shorter purchasable lengths. Splicing enables you to take existing materials from the inventory and combine them with purchasable items to make a running length that suits your needs. The same applies to companies doing miscellaneous projects where you might choose to prefabricate longer sections of, for example, hand railing to minimize field welding.

Splice packages can be a great option also when the detailer implies a splice but does not specify it in the drawing.

When you create splice packages, any available length will be considered as available to be combined into by parts from the same job, just as an expected drop of an inventory item. For example, if you have a splice package that has 10 meters of unused length and you perform a combining run from the same job as the other parts in that splice package, all parts with that same shape, grade, or dimension can be nested into that available 10 meters.

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