Send purchase order items to a requisition

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Send purchase order items to a requisition

Use the Send to REQ command to send purchase order items back to requisitions. Note that only items that have not yet been received can be sent back to a requisition. The items need to have the correct requisition numbers defined in their Requisition # fields, so that Tekla EPM knows which requisition it should be returned to.

  1. In the PO # dialog box, select the material items that you want to send back to a requisition.

    To select multiple items, hold down Ctrl.

    To select a range of subsequent items, hold down Shift.

  2. At the bottom of the dialog box, click Send to REQ.
  3. To confirm returning the items to the requisition, click Yes in the confirmation dialog box.

The selected items are returned to the requisition. These items are no longer displayed in the PO # dialog box.

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