Tekla Structures steel fundamentals

Tekla Structures
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Tekla Structures
Steel detailer basics
Tekla Structures steel fundamentals

This extensive course includes everything you need to learn about Tekla Structures as a steel detailer. It consists of an introduction and 40 modules that will teach you and your team how to work efficiently in 3D. The course follows a specific workflow that teaches you how to create a model step-by-step, with all structural elements and details, generate fabrication and erection drawings and bills-of-materials from the model, and create and share collaboration documentation.


You will learn how to use the software to do the following and more:

  • Start new projects
  • Model steel columns, beams, rafters and bracing, base plates, connections
  • Detect and fix clashes
  • Work with components
  • Add web stiffeners and part cuts
  • Number models
  • Create and print drawings
  • Collaborate using Trimble Connect
  • Create NC files and reports


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