Tekla Structures for concrete contractors

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concrete contractor basics
Tekla Structures for concrete contractors

This learning path contains all you need as a concrete contractor. You will learn how to use the user interface, explore models and organize model information using categories. You will create reports and templates and learn how pours work. In the Task Manager section, you will create plans and visualizations.

1. Introduction

  • Tekla Structures for concrete contractors

    Learn how to estimate, plan, and manage pours with Tekla Structures using the free elearning tutorials.

2. User interface - concrete contractor

  • User interface - concrete contractor

    Get to know the basic elements of the Tekla Structures user interface.

3. Exploring model information

  • Exploring model information

    Learn what Tekla Structures objects are, how to create views, and how to control the visibility of different obj

4. Model information management using Organizer

  • Model information management using Organizer

    Get an overview of managing model information with Organizer.
    Learn how to work with Object Browser.

5. Creating location categories

  • Creating location categories

    Learn about location categories in Organizer: how to organize your model to sections and floors based on locatio

6. Creating custom categories

  • Creating custom categories

    Learn about custom categories and different ways to create them in Organizer.

7. Creating property categories

  • Creating property categories

    Learn how to create property categories, and when it is useful to create them.

8. Reporting quantities

  • Reporting quantities

    Learn to use Object Browser in Organizer for reporting quantities.

9. Creating and modifying templates

  • Creating and modifying templates

    Learn how to create and modify templates in Organizer.

10. Creating pour objects

  • Creating pour objects

    Learn how pour objects work, and how they can be modified using the pour phase attribute, and pour break tools.

11. Creating pour units

  • Creating pour units

    Learn how pour units are created, and how you can calculate the volume of pour units.

12. Planning with pours

  • Planning with pours

    Learn how to use Organizer to manage pour objects in your model, and how to use pour numbers to identify differe

13. Planning with Task manager

  • Planning with Task manager

    Learn the basics of Task Manager: scheduling with tasks and how to use Task Manager.

14. Task visualization

  • Task visualization

    Learn how to visualize the project schedule with Organizer and with Project Status Visualization tool.

15. Creating form faces

  • Creating form faces

    Learn how to download and install the form face creator tool, how to define settings for the tool, and how to cr

16. Modeling formwork

  • Modeling formwork

    Learn to model formwork with Tekla Structures: Learn how to use formwork placing tools for walls and slabs.

17. Formwork reporting

  • Formwork reporting

    Learn to create an Organizer category for formwork objects, and how to export formwork reports to Microsoft Exce

18. Creating and modifying construction drawings

  • Creating and modifying construction drawings

    Learn how to create drawings based on model views, and the basics on modifying drawings: How to create dimension

19. Publishing model information in Trimble Connect

  • Publishing model information in Trimble Connect

    Learn how to export a file from Tekla Structures in IFC 4 format, and how to upload it to Trimble Connect.

20. Creating layout points

  • Creating layout points

    Learn how to create layout points with two different tools: Layout Point and Layout Point Applicator.

21. Managing layout points

  • Managing layout points

    Learn how to manage layout points with Organizer and with Layout Manager.

22. Starting new projects

  • Starting new projects

    Learn how to create a new model, how to define project properties, and how to create and modify grids. This tuto

23. Best practices for modeling and system settings

  • Best practices for modeling and system settings

    Learn some basic modeling guidelines about the different settings in Tekla Structures: project and firm folders,

24. Creating concrete parts

  • Creating concrete parts

    Learn how to model concrete parts, and build an entrance wing for the example building, using a reference drawin

25. Creating sloping slabs

  • Creating sloping slabs

    Learn how to model sloping slabs, how to create concrete slabs, and how to convert slabs to items. This tutorial

26. Converting existing geometries

  • Converting existing geometries

    Learn how to convert concrete geometries from an existing IFC model into native Tekla Structures parts.

27. Working with embeds

  • Working with embeds

    Learn about embeds in Tekla Structures, how to place them in a model, and how to create your own embeds. This tu

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