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This learning path is intended for new Tekla EPM users. You will learn the concepts of the software, estimating and how to create labor overviews, rates and tax groups, reports and proposals. You will also be familiar with integration options, shapes, grades, sizes and basic settings like currencies, company standards and document index.

Set up Tekla EPM to Work with Trimble Connect

  • Set up Tekla EPM to Work with Trimble Connect

Administration Settings

Company Information

Address Book


Pricing Maintenance

Document Index

  • Document Index

    The Document Index in Tekla EPM allows you to organize any type of document that you send or receive for a project.

Company Standards

Job Maintenance

Editing Display and Input Fields

Tax Rates and Tax Groups

Integration Options

Introduction to Estimating

Import or Hand-Enter a Takeoff

Labor Overview

Estimating Reports and Proposals

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