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Version 6.5.2

  • EPM-7281: Option added to upload or embed a .trb file.
  • EPM-6999: Added option to include the .trb model file to the .pfxt or .zip package.
  • EPM-7512: If a model has unsaved changes user will be prompted to save before exporting.
  • EPM-7973: Properties for parts and assemblies have been added to the .trb file that is generated by the PowerFab plugin in Tekla Structures.
  • EPM-7198: When there is a part drawing and no assembly drawing we now link the part drawing in the export.

Version 6.5.1

  • EPM-7881/EPM-7238: Improved detection of repeated drawing names. Two drawings with the same name are no longer considered as conflicting if they are different types.

Version 6.5

  • EPM-7973: Properties for parts and assemblies have been added to the .trb file that is generated by the PowerFab plugin in Tekla Structures.
  • EPM-7618/EPM-7453: Duplicate drawing entries were being created; this has been fixed.
  • EPM-7491: Multi-drawing data was omitted from the export; this has been fixed.

Version 6.3

  • EPM-6996: When assembly marks in Tekla Structures are split by phase, the drawings can get mismatched. This has been corrected.

Version 6.2

  • EPM-6627: Produces DSTV files in UTF-8 encoding; previous releases produced UTF-8-BOM which wasn't readable by some machines. 
  • This version is available starting with Tekla Structures 2022SP4

Version 6.1

  • EPM-6408: Translated three additional strings on wpf form
  • EPM-6363: Added support for drawing filenames that would be repeated after the removal of the delimiter to retain the delimiter between marks.
  • EPM-6251: Detect the existence of standard settings in Tekla Structures 2022.
  • Final version released to the Tekla Warehouse

Version 6.0

  • Name change to Tekla PowerFab Export

  • Fixed a bug where a model selection that didn't include a material type that was included in the CNC settings resulted in an error

Version 5.11

  • Fixed a bug with "Assembly Length" export

  • Added "Assembly Length" in export (requires Tekla PowerFab 2020SP5, 2020iSP4, 2021SP6, 2021iSP4, 2022 or later)

Version 5.10

  • Added PowerFab Exchange (.pfxt) format export

Version 5.9 (unreleased)

  • Fixed an issue with jobs with a null project title

Version 5.8

  • Added support for TPL:Project.Number in Advanced Settings for printed drawing names

  • Corrected functionality for saving and loading attributes files

  • Corrected the directory buttons

  • Error message relating to missing files has improved format

  • Created reasonable defaults for a new project

  • Supports exporting from the model with an Assembly selection

Version 5.7

  • fixes compatibility with Tekla Structures 2019 and 2019i

Version 5.6 (unreleased)

  • provides more descriptive message when CNC files are missing, and the option is selected to copy CNC files from the directory

Version 5.5

  • fixed issue where saved settings didn't load after closing/opening the plugin

Version 5.4

  • no longer converting metric to imperial based only on dimensions

Version 5.3

  • fixed a bug where the <Shape> was exported incorrectly. *CRITICAL UPGRADE FROM 5.2*

Version 5.2

  • added a vertical slider so that column space can be adjusted
  • added ability to save and restore attributes files
  • updated part report to include Tekla PowerFab Shape

Version 5.1 (unreleased)

  • corrected encoding of CNC Settings file read (special characters were behaving poorly)
  • fixed export of washers and nuts based on count

Version 5.0 (unreleased)

  • updated compatibility of plugin for including in menu of Tekla Structures 2021

Version 4.4

  • prevented the plugin from crashing when the Project Name contains characters that are illegal in XML - Multidrawings with a revision are now found -The "Set" button on import now colors the model based on the selected representation in the drop-down-  The Drawing Files setting is now properly saved and restored in the plugin

Version 4.3

  • added default units (metric or imperial) that match the job when units cannot be determined from the dimensions alone. (EPM-4849)
  • added support for additional options in Advanced Settings for file output

Version 4.2

  • updated zipping library
  • added support for user-specified shape for bolts and studs
  • added reports to TSEP file so that a second plugin is no longer needed
  • use project description for filename if project name is shorter than two characters.
  • changed structure of exported xml to have new drawing types within a tag.
  • set a minimum width on screen panels so that they don't disappear with very long filenames on the right.
  • added support for metric gage plates
  • added prompt to user to continue exporting if there's a CNC error

Version 4.1

  • added support for including drawings that have repeated names but are of differing types
  • added additional grades for TC bolts
  • added ability to export parts with piecemarks that contain special characters (like dashes)
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