Error message when doing diagnose and Repair Numbering

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When I do Diagnose and Repair Numbering: All several times one after another, I get this message repeatedly. What could be the reason?






The reason is that the parts have almost the same length but there are some differences (less than one millimeter).

If the lengths are, for example 6046.1, 6046.7 and 6047.2 and the tolerance is 1.0 mm, then 6046.7 gets either the same position number as 6046.1 or the same position number as 6047.2, depending on the order Tekla Structures uses to compare the parts. The order is different every time you run full numbering.

The workaround solution is either to use a smaller tolerance, for example 0.01 or model all the parts to have the same length.


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