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General enhancements

A number of general enhancements have been made for Tedds 2021. (Note that some features documented below were included in previous updates to Tedds 2020).


Visual Quality

When using a 4K display the 4x increase in pixels over a standard HD (1080p) display can provide a significant improvement in the visual quality for text, images and drawings in both the user interface and the documented output. More enhancements and fixes are included which ensure that Tedds is optimised for high resolution displays, some of the improvements will also be of benefit if your Windows Text Size setting is 200% or greater.

TED to PDF Converter

New command line utility which converts Tedds documents files (.tid) to PDF files. It can convert a single file, all the files in a directory or all the files in an entire directory hierarchy. The TedToPdf.exe application is located in the Tedds program files (x86) installation directory.

Tedds Application

New feature for saving a complete Project to PDF. The Documents in the Project can be saved as separate PDF files or they can be merged into a single PDF file.

The Duplicate document command has been enhanced to improve productivity. When the Duplicate command on the Home tab is now used on a document which belongs to the current project the new document will be automatically added to the project.

Enhanced the Project Manager when opening a document file, if the file cannot be found you will be prompted to locate the file. The selected location will default to the first file of the same name found in any child directory from the project file location.

When a Project is opened the most recently used directory setting is now updated so that subsequent file Save or Open operations will default to the project directory.

Writing calculations

  • New string functions StrConcat and StrJoin for concatenating multiple strings into a single string.

  • New function GetBaseUnitsStr which returns the current base units setting as a string identifier ("si" or "us").

  • Added documentation for the 2D analysis function SolvSelectResultsPosition to explain how the function can be used to select the next position on a member/element where a specific result occurs.

Tekla Tedds API

  • Tedds Calculator API: Enhanced to support three events which can occur during the calculation process. Hosts which use these events must execute the calculation process on a worker thread so that the host application can respond to the events. The Tedds API Test Application has been updated to demonstrate how to use these new events.

    • Calculation progress events - Provide information about the overall calculation process and specific events which occur during the process.

    • Undefined variable events - Allow the host application to provide a value for an undefined variable

    • Error events - Allow the host application to react to calculation errors

  • Tedds Calculator API: Enhanced to include a new UndefinedVariable2 event which allows the attributes of an undefined variable to be defined

  • Tedds Application API: Enhanced the ITeddsDocument interface to include a set VariablesXml property.

  • Tedds Application API: Enhanced the ITeddsDocument interface to include properties for querying the library file and item name of the calculation associated with the document.

Fixes and Other Enhancements

  • [TEDDS-5229] 2D analysis: Fixed values entered for the rotational spring stiffness of a node incorrectly converting the units to kNm/rad

  • [TEDDS-5270] Fixed dialogs in the user interface of calculations sometimes not being restored correctly to the previously remembered location.

  • [TEDDS-5316] Added a registry setting and options dialog for a user data directory location which can be used to override Tedds system data with user defined data.

  • [TEDDS-5217] Tedds for Word: Fixed Word crashing when using a 64-bit version of Office when using the Insert Tedds field dialog on the Data List tab and the default page/item ellipses button was clicked.

  • [TEDDS-5363] Library Access System: Fixed library manager crashing when compacting empty libraries.

  • [TEDDS-4357] Tedds Application: Enhanced so that when a project is created via the API e.g. via interop from Tekla Structures or Tekla Structural Designer the project manager window will be shown automatically.

  • [TEDDS-5218] TedToPdf: Only prompt to overwrite a file if the target file actually exists.

  • [TEDDS-5219] TedToPdf: Enhanced to allow the file path to be converted to be enclosed in single or double quotes.

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