Engineering library (All Regions)

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Engineering library (All Regions)

Major updates

The following engineering library calculations (applicable to all regions) have been significantly updated for Tedds 2021.

  • Bearing pressures for rectangular footings
  • Bolt group analysis
  • Cut and fill
  • Rigid diaphragm force distribution
  • Rolling load analysis
  • Slope stability

Improved usability for all the above listed calculations to incorporate commonly requested features including where applicable:

  • Preview results shown in the user interface and typically now on the first main page.

  • A summary results table can be included in the output documentation and the option is enabled by default.

  • The calculation title can be defined for the output documentation.

  • User defined notes can be included in the output documentation.

Other updates

Other enhancements and corrections have been made to the following calculations, for detailed information about these changes select the "New and updated (Tedds 2021)" group in the Tedds Engineering Library and refer to the preview window.

  • 2D Analysis

  • 2D Analysis - Frame Wizard

  • 2D Analysis - Truss Creator

  • 2D Analysis - Truss Wizard

  • Batch design

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