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Create your Trimble Identity

You need a Trimble Identity to download Tekla Tedds and to use your online licenses. The Trimble Identity is connected to a Tekla Online organization (a user group for your physical organization).

Creating a Trimble Identity on your first license purchase

  • If you did not have an existing Trimble Identity, Trimble sends you an email with an invitation to complete your account creation. Create your account using the link in this email and make sure you fill in all of the required user profile information.

  • If you are a company's named contact, you are invited to your Tekla Online organization by Trimble when the organization is created in Tekla Online.

    You will receive an email to accept membership in your new Tekla Online organization. You are then responsible for managing the organization together with other administrators that you may assign.

Creating a Trimble Identity to join an existing organization

To create a new Trimble Identity account:

  1. If you have received an email invitation from Trimble to create a Trimble Identity, follow the instructions in the email to create your account to ensure you have the correct access rights. Otherwise, Click here to create a new Trimble Identity.
  2. Click Create a Trimble ID.
  3. Enter your name and email, (If you have several different email addresses, use your company email address), then click Send Code.
  4. Look for a verification email in your inbox and click the link provided to verify you account. You must verify your account to access your Trimble Identity.
    Note: If you do not receive this email in your inbox, check your Spam/Junk email folder.
  5. Log in with your new account, fill in all the required profile information, and click Save.
  6. Join your Tekla Online organization in one of the following ways:
    1. Switch to the Organization page on your user profile page, select an organization that you would like to join, and click Send request. If there are no organizations listed, it means your email address does not match with any existing organization's email address.
    2. Ask your company's Trimble Identity administrator to invite you, and accept the invitation when it arrives via email or on your user profile pages at

      Your Trimble Identity is now active, and you can install and license Tekla Structures.

      Note: Membership in an organization can also affect your access to your organization's cloud-stored data, such as Tekla Model Sharing models. Make sure you do not switch between organizations unnecessarily. When available, use your company email address with your Trimble Identity.
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