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Engineering library (Australian Design)

The following Australian design engineering library calculations have been significantly updated for Tedds 2022.

Calculations updated in accordance with (AS/NZS 1170.2:2021)

  • Aerodynamic shape factor (AS1170)
  • Basic wind loading (AS1170)
  • Cold formed local wind purlin design (AS1170)
  • Comprehensive wind loading (AS1170)
  • Wind pressure coefficients (AS1170)

Calculations updated in accordance with AS3600-2018 Amendment No. 2.

  • Pad footing analysis & design (AS3600)
  • RC 2D analysis & design (AS3600)
  • RC beam analysis & design (AS3600)
  • RC beam deflection (AS3600)
  • RC beam design (AS3600)
  • RC circular column design (AS3600)
  • RC column design (AS3600)
  • RC corbel design (AS3600)RC slab design (AS3600)
  • RC wall design (AS3600)Retaining wall analysis & design (AS4678/AS3600/AS3700)
  • Strip footing analysis & design (AS3600)
  • Tilt-up wall panel design (AS3600)

Other Updates

Other enhancements and corrections have been made to the following calculations, for detailed information about these changes select the "New and updated (Tedds 2022)" group in the Tedds Engineering Library and refer to the preview window.
  • Aerodynamic shape factor (AS1170)
  • Cold formed local wind purlin design (AS1170)
  • RC slab design (AS3600)
  • Pile analysis (AS2159)
  • Steel 2D analysis & design (AS4100)
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