2019 SP1: New features and improvements

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures


Defect number Development area Description
TSAC-1835 Concrete components Sloping slab drainage now works correctly on slabs with recesses.
TSAC-1896 Concrete components In Detailing manager, the Filter and Attribute lists now show long filter and attribute file names correctly when you open the lists. When you have selected a filter or an attribute file with a long name that does not fit in the list box and place the mouse pointer on the name, the whole name is now shown in a tooltip.
TSAC-2410 Concrete components Seam applicator now again loads custom component seams.
TSAC-2435 Concrete components In Reinforced concrete stairs (95), the stairs part now has a new STAIR_WIDTH_TOTAL UDA that counts the total stair width including the stringers.
TSAC-2457 Concrete components In Reinforced concrete stair (95), the offsets for Bar J are now applied properly.
TSAC-2507 Concrete components In Wall panel reinforcement, a new offset type has been added for both the top and bottom corner reinforcement.
TSAC-2509 Concrete components In Wall panel reinforcement, the Picture tab now has a minimum bar length option that you can use for filtering rebars smaller than the defined length.
TSAC-2700 Concrete components Wall Panel (64) no longer creates meshes if you do not enter any value to the Ht to layer option.
TSAC-2771, TSAC-2769 Concrete components In Floor layout, the component attribute file list is now properly shown for all components. Previously, it was not properly shown for Mesh bars, for example.
TSAC-2349 Steel components In Railings (S77), top rail part cut creation has been improved.
TSAC-2467 Steel components In Tube gusset (20), the cut creation has been improved in cases when the gusset plate runs through the main part.
TSAC-2490 Steel components In Full depth S (185), the gap between the tab plate and the main part flanges is now correctly applied when the main part is a C or U profile.
TSAC-2541 Steel components In Stairs (S71), step chamfers now work correctly.
TSAC-2603 Steel components In Two sided clip angle (143), the extra length of bolts is now correctly applied when a different number of bolts is created on the secondary parts.
TSAC-2661 Steel components In Two sided clip angle (143), the Same bolt length for all option now works correctly for all the bolts the component creates.
TSAC-270 Steel components In Haunch (40), weld 7 is now created correctly in situations where the haunch is created as a profile.
TSAC-2742 Steel components In Round joining plates (124), the antimaterial in the hole which creates a cut in the base plate is no longer shown in drawings.
TSAC-2805 Steel components In Haunch (40), the creation of chamfers has now been improved in situations where the hauch is created as a profile.
TSAC-303 Steel components In Stiffeners (1034), the width and height of stiffeners is now correctly applied.
TTSD-14434 Import, export, interoperability IFC2x3 export: When creating IFC2x3 export files the application name "Tekla Structures Educational" was shown in the IFC output header even though the license was Full. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-17107 Import, export, interoperability IFC4 export:  Tekla Structures crashed when you were using a large number of characters for the file name in the IFC4 export dialog box. This has now been fixed. If the the number of characters exceeds Microsoft Windows character limit the characters are removed from the file name.
TTSD-18022 Import, export, interoperability IFC2x3 export: The grid is now exported to the same location as the model when you use the Location by: Work plane option.
TTSD-21384 Import, export, interoperability IFC2x3 export: The surface treatment to all faces of the part is now properly written to the IFC model.
TTSD-22068 Import, export, interoperability Reference models: Undo reference model Show/Hide was not working. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-22387 Import, export, interoperability When manually importing a new profile through the Modify Profile Catalog dialog box using the Replace option, all parts in the model could sometimes get unintentionally modified. Now all unaffected parts remain untouched after the import.
TTSD-23264 Import, export, interoperability The IFC object conversion update now keeps the user-created part cuts.
TTSD-23266 Import, export, interoperability IFC object conversion: Cut row in changes cannot be opened at some cases. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-23475 Import, export, interoperability IFC object conversion did not convert curved walls correctly in some cases. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-23671 Import, export, interoperability In IFC2x3 export the edge chamfers are omitted from the exported model. This is to enable better interoperability to plant design systems. If the geometry with edge chamfers is needed, you can set the IFC export type to Brep separately for those objects in the object's user-defined attributes dialog box on the IFC export tab.
TTSD-23950 Import, export, interoperability IFC object conversion sometimes misplaced cuts. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-24051 Import, export, interoperability The SketchUp export did not work if the Tekla Structures model name contained special characters. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-24268 Import, export, interoperability Reference models: Reference models were not correctly cut by the view extrema in drawings. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-24298 Import, export, interoperability DWG drawing export: Drawing DWG export now outputs the Romsim font in a size that is closer to the one you see in the drawing.
TTSD-24321 Import, export, interoperability When you refresh reference models that have been created with previous versions of Tekla Structures, the reference model information is now updated to match the version of Tekla Structures that you are currently using.
TTSD-24392 Import, export, interoperability The performance of the reference model insert has been improved when the Tekla Structures model already contains non-visible unloaded reference models. After the fix, non-visible reference models are not loaded anymore in the reference model insert.
TTSD-24524 Import, export, interoperability IFC2x3 export: Curved rebars are now exported with more accurate geometry when you use the Surface geometry export type.
TTSD-24848 Import, export, interoperability Tekla Structures now contains DWG plug-in version 1.42.
TTSD-25076 Import, export, interoperability Reference models: Tekla Structures crashed when you pressed the Pick button in the Add model dialog box while hiding the existing reference files. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-1993 Drawings Rebar pull-out pictures and marking: On the Dimensions tab you can now select whether to round according the user settings or according the rebar_config.inp.
TSAC-2104 Drawings Rebar pull-out picture and marking: Rebar pull-out pictures dimension text placement has been improved. Previously dimensions were switched, this has now been fixed.
TSAC-2333 Drawings In dimensioning rule properties, the Dimension to setting for vertical dimensions is now read correctly from rule file.
TSAC-2405 Drawings The Rebar group marking application now works with circular rebar groups.
TSAC-2672 Drawings BVBS Export: The Partner and Developer configurations were added to the list of allowed configurations.
TTSD-17250 Drawings The new printing incorrectly displayed a watermark in drawings with the Educational stamp. The text Educational was also shown in the PDF properties for a drawing. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-17450 Drawings DWG drawing export: Drawing DWG export is now bit more robust with handling custom drawing of parts.
TTSD-17669 Drawings Manual weld marks are no longer deleted when modifying view settings in a drawing.
TTSD-17876 Drawings Removing dimension points from curved dimension could corrupt the whole dimension. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-17943 Drawings The tolerance for RD text in drawing dimensions has been adjusted so it no longer collides with the dimension text.
TTSD-21312 Drawings Previously, when adding marks in drawings with applied settings, some properties were lost if the drawing was updated.
Now any new marks added with applied properties are kept during the update.
TTSD-21381 Drawings When a template has a pull-out picture for an individual rebar of a tapered rebar group, the pull-out picture now shows the dimension lengths correctly as exact values.
TTSD-22222 Drawings Dimension dragging now works properly again.
TTSD-22606 Drawings The Weight property in the Elements in mark list for drawing marks now provides a value with the expected decimal separator.
TTSD-22647 Drawings Dimension post and prefix marks were incorrectly aligned. They are now again at the same y location as the dimension value text.
TTSD-22667 Drawings In Layout editor, dragged drawing templates now keep their anchors more logically.
TTSD-22912 Drawings Drawings with custom plug-ins using lots of graphical objects, such as lines, or rectangles, have now slightly better performance.
TTSD-22990 Drawings

When prompted for mark content when creating an empty mark, the associativity symbol was not correctly drawn. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-23213 Drawings In earlier versions, if a drawing dimension was selected and then turned off in view dimension properties, the handle points remained visible. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-23301 Drawings Document manager now works correctly even if there are invalid paths in the XS advanced options.
TTSD-23526 Drawings Drawing views created with the Area in drawing view command were incorrectly following one part inside the view when the part moved in the model. In GA drawings, these views look like model views so now they also behave like model views in drawing update, and the area the view is showing will not change after model changes.
TTSD-24038 Drawings Drawing settings for bolt marks with templates now create marks properly.
TTSD-24041 Drawings Master Drawing Catalog can now be opened in Partner configuration again.
TTSD-24363 Drawings Mouse cursor now indicates in Document manager which cells are read-only when you are using direct editing.
TTSD-24406 Drawings When Secondary part dimension direction was set to Neighbor part in dimensioning properties, there was sometimes a crash when creating or modifying assembly drawings. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-24457 Drawings Dragging rebar set rebar marks in a drawings now works also with curved rebars.
TTSD-24457 Drawings Dragging the reinforcement mark of a curved rebar set in drawings now works correctly.
TTSD-24459 Drawings Detailed object level settings were not applied if the name from the dialog box differed from file name for the given attribute.
TTSD-24495 Drawings Merged part mark handling is now more robust, and merged marks are not split anymore.
TTSD-24705 Drawings Sometimes the IFC inquire failed and did not provide all information. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-24714 Drawings Previously, the dimension associativity rules list sometimes showed empty lines. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-24716 Drawings It is no longer possible to accidentally drag a template in a drawing when not editing the layout.
TTSD-24801 Drawings The reliability of the Clone selected command has been improved in some cases where you make partially overlapping source and target selections.
TTSD-24940 Drawings Tekla Structures does not crash anymore when modifying a drawing even if the UDA definitions are missing from the objects.inp.
The User-defined attributes dialog box is not available at all in the drawing dialog box  if UDAs are missing from the environment. Previously,clicking the panel caused an application error.
TTSD-25187 Drawings Previously, when you moved detail views to other drawings, the detail names sometimes changed. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-25297 Drawings Change clouds in drawings now work better when they are placed directly to the drawing sheet instead of the drawing view.
TTSD-25438 Drawings Marks originated from view properties with template attributes now work more reliably.
TTSD-3985 Drawings Locking an issued drawing caused the drawing to always change its status to "Issued drawing changed" in the drawing list, even though the drawing itself was not changed. Now, locking an unchanged issued drawing will not change the drawing status. Locking a drawing that was modified after issuing will, however, retain its "changed" status.
Reading in Issued sets locally locked to unlocked state, and reading in Lock sets locally Issued to not issued state.
TTSD-16206 Tekla Model Sharing In shared models, for parametric sketched profiles with several properties, the profile geometries were calculated incorrectly after read in until model was saved and reopened. Now this has been fixed. The geometries are correct after read in. Note that all users of model need have this Service Pack in use when writing out and reading in to have the correct geometries.
TTSD-22960 Tekla Model Sharing In Tekla Model Sharing, profile import has been improved as follows:
  • Importing of .lis profiles which have double quotes followed by space in the names has been fixed.
  • Importing of .lis profiles which have duplicated cross-section points has been fixed.
  • Reliability of importing profile updates during read in has been improved.
TTSD-23785 Tekla Model Sharing Previously, when a user of a shared model was assigned the Editor role and the user opened Tekla Structures with a configuration that did not support that role, the user was shown a message prompting to open Tekla Structures with an empty role (""). This has now been fixed so that the message more clearly states the required role.
TTSD-23998 Tekla Model Sharing The Replace option for importing profiles to the profile catalog in shared models now works correctly when cross sections in the original profile and the imported profile have identical names.
TSAC-2770 Reinforcement Rebar shape manager has been changed so that when you right-click a Bending schedule fields cell, if the list that opens contains a lot of items, new sub-lists are now shown to keep the list sizes more compact.
TTSD-13797 Reinforcement Tekla Structures now checks for duplicates when creating rebar set modifiers and splitters.
TTSD-19685 Reinforcement The end detail modifier hook type could not be changed in the contextual toolbar if the bending radius was non-standard. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-19875 Reinforcement Previously, to make rebar sets visible when opening the custom component editor, you had to redraw the view. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-21667 Reinforcement You can now use the new XS_REBARSET_SHOW_MODIFIERS_CREATED_BY_COMPONENTS advanced option to control whether modifiers created by components are shown or hidden. The default value is FALSE, which means that the modifiers are by default hidden.
TTSD-21872 Reinforcement Earlier, the outermost rebar set bars split by splitters were put into the cover thickness area. This is not happening anymore since the splitters can now modify rebar set start and end offsets, if needed.
TTSD-22910 Reinforcement There are now two new advanced options (based on the creation method) to define the angle tolerance between the leg faces in rebar set creation:


The default value is 45 degrees for both options.
TTSD-23658 Reinforcement Previously, if you used the Copy properties command in the property pane to copy spacing zone properties to multiple rebar sets at the same time, new zones could be created with their properties all set to zero. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-23719 Reinforcement Rebar set bars are now correctly shown as selected in the model when selected in Organizer.
TTSD-23731 Reinforcement Rebar set bars are now correctly shown as selected in the model when selected in Task manager.
TTSD-23880 Reinforcement There is now a new advanced option, XS_REBAR_MINIMUM_LEG_DEVIATION, that you can use to define if rounding settings are applied to certain reinforcing bar legs or not.

Tekla Structures compares each bar leg to a straight line. If the deviation is less than the value of this advanced option, the leg is considered to be a part of a curved bar segment and the leg length is not rounded.

The default value of the advanced option is 10. Enter the value in millimeters.
TTSD-24080 Reinforcement You can now use the Leg face visibility option (Rebar display options > Leg face visibility) for rebar sets, rebar groups and single rebars. Previously, the option only applied to rebar sets and you had to have the Select rebar set selection swich active. Now you can have any selection switch active: either for rebar sets, rebar groups, or single rebars.
TTSD-24256 Reinforcement Previously, you could not select multiple rebar sets to be cut with the Part cut command. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-24323 Reinforcement The Diagnose and repair numbering: series of selected objects command now works correctly for rebar sets.
TTSD-17847 Modeling When numbering (with the save-numbering-save setting selected in the Numbering set up dialog box), unnamed temporary views disappeared when canceling the numbering. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-20433 Modeling Selecting parts in large models is now much faster.
TTSD-20475 Modeling Modifying bent plates has been changed so that you can now modify the connecting plates freely as long as they fit some bend.
TTSD-21927 Modeling Direct modification of elevation grid lines in radial grids now works for every orthogonal view that passes through the origin of the grid.
TTSD-23098 Modeling The Diagnose model command now adds a new line "Obsolete object modification rows found." if there are any rows to be removed in the model database. Use the Repair model command to remove these rows. This can considerably reduce the database size if it had become too large as a result of creating and deleting multiple objects with UDAs.
TTSD-23539 Modeling When you use direct modification to add a new elevation grid line to a rectangular grid, the grid label is now shown correctly.
TTSD-24058 Modeling Previously, Tekla Structures could crash when you created and opened a single-part drawing when the property pane was open. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-24372 Modeling Previously, the database size could become too large if you created and deleted multiple objects with UDAs. This has now been fixed. 
TTSD-24499 Modeling Previously, you could enter an invalid shape name for an item in the property pane, which would change the item into a stick. This is now prevented. Instead, Tekla Structures instructs you to select a new shape.

TTSD-24692 Modeling Previously, when you selected to keep duplicate objects, you had to redraw the view or the duplicate objects did not appear. This happened with all object types. Now this has been fixed.
TTSD-25099 Modeling When you renamed a grid line label on the contextual toolbar, the grid properties were not updated and the previous label returned when dragging the line. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-25150 Modeling When defining the grid distance in imperial units in the property pane, a number without a foot symbol but with an inch symbol ("a-b""), was not recognized correctly causing grid modification to be impossible. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-25205 Modeling Sometimes, when you created a new orthogonal view to a radial grid plane, for the radial grids that started from the negative angle elevation plane, the grid lines were too short and the elevation plane was smaller than needed. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-25387 Modeling When copying or moving a bent plate (or a stand-alone bent plate) using the Mirror command, the coordinate system of the part would sometimes jump to an incorrect location. This has been now fixed.
TTSD-3635 Modeling

When setting the location dimensions of items and custom parts, the small yellow arrows above the dimension value box are not shown anymore and the value you enter is now used as the dimension value.

dimension arrows.png

SOLD-960 Licensing When using online license with Stay signed in selected, changing to another configuration and restarting Tekla Structures does not show the selected configuration. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-24170 Installation Tekla Structures Extension manager now displays a message box while scanning for installed extensions.
TTSD-24789 Installation Previously, in some environments, Tekla Structures could crash if you modified rebar groups by using the property pane. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-2154 Tools and components Previously, Layout manager stopped working if you tried to create more than 255 groups, which is the maximum number of groups in Layout manager. This has now been fixed, and it is no longer possible to create more than 255 groups.
TTSD-23219 Tools and components Layout points now remain visible at all zoom levels, when previously they were reverted into sticks at zoom levels.
TTSD-23992 Tools and components Modifying a system component previously produced a status bar message: Outdated component was updated to match the current component definition. Now the message is only displayed for modified and updated custom components.
TTSD-24236 Tools and components In the Shape cleaner application, long directory names are now shown on multiple lines so that they are not clipped anymore.
TTSD-24676 Tools and components In the Shape cleaner application, the shape name list is now shown in alphabetical order.
TSAC-2785 Numbering Previously, Tekla Structures was crashing when NC files were created with contour marking and then numbered. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-24560 Numbering Sometimes Tekla Structures crashed when opening or refreshing a view with polygon reinforcement meshes displayed with the Fast representation. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-15866 User interface It is now it is possible to modify multiple corner chamfers at the same time from the property pane.
TTSD-21806 User interface Previously, when you clicked a selection or snap switch button, and then clicked another selection or snap switch button, the button you had clicked first also stayed selected for some time. This happened when a firm or project folder was mapped to a network drive and the network connection was slow. Now this has been fixed.
TTSD-21857 User interface New concrete spiral beams now show the correct pour phase number in the property pane when the pour phase has been set for other previously created concrete spiral beams.
TTSD-23422 User interface The Work plane handler toolbar now works correctly when a new view is created using the part plane.
TTSD-23656 User interface When using the property pane, you can now press Enter to finish the copying of properties instead of clicking the Modify button.
TTSD-24246 User interface The property pane now shows an error message if a part profile is not available in the environment you are currently using. Previously, the property pane did not show any error if you selected a part whose profile did not exist in the environment.
TTSD-24308 User interface Previously, when you modified a UDA that did not affect numbering by using the property pane, Tekla Structures still considered the model object as needing renumbering. Now this does not happen anymore.
TSAC-2449 Import, export, interoperability (concrete) BVBS Export:
On the Parameters tab, in the Drawing name source setting, there is a new option Assembly template available, and the Template option has been renamed to Reinforcement template.  
On the Advanced tab, click Edit or New under Private data block. This displays a list of property data types, which has been updated. The following options are now available:
- Reinforcement report property Integer, Float or Text
- User-defined attribute Integer, Float or Text
- Open API object property
- Assembly report property Integer, Float or Text
TSAC-2632 Import, export, interoperability (concrete) Export Unitechnik (79): The Extend contour and add formwork option on the TS configuration tab has been improved in cases where the contour needs to be extended into the -X or -Y direction.
TSAC-2669 Import, export, interoperability (concrete) Export Unitechnik (79): New option Exclude all has been added on the Validation tab page for the setting Export others to exclude the whole mesh from the export when it fails the validation. Option No has been renamed to Remove invalid mesh wires and now it excludes only invalid mesh wires and not the whole mesh when it fails the validation as before.
TSAC-2691 Import, export, interoperability (concrete) Export Unitechnik (79): New options have been added on the TS configuration tab. The Rotate geometry option applies the rotation angle calculated using options Extra rotation and Auto-rotate on pallet. The SLABDATE rotation angle only option does not perform the rotation, only exports the rotation angle as a value in the respective SLABDATE field.
TSAC-2741 Import, export, interoperability (concrete) Export Unitechnik (79): It is now possible to export Unloading type using the option on the SLABDATE data block tab.
Also, it is possible to set Unloading type and Transportation type on the Unitechnik tab for precast concrete parts, which overrides the export dialog box option.
TSAC-2755 Import, export, interoperability (concrete) Export Unitechnik (79): It is now possible to specify a user-defined concrete volume template property for export using the Concrete volume option on the SLABDATE block data specification tab.
TSAC-2765 Import, export, interoperability (concrete) BVBS Export: The BVBS export now reports the diameter value as the nominal rebar diameter regardless of the XS_USE_ONLY_NOMINAL_REBAR_DIAMETER setting, according to the specification.
TSAC-2768 Import, export, interoperability (concrete) In BVBS export, you can now use multiple assembly template properties in the file name. Type the template properties in the File naming template box and separate them with blank spaces. The combination will be separated by underscores in the exported file name.
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