2019 SP10: New features and improvements

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures


Defect number Development area Description
TSAC-2020 Steel components HSS Brace special (66): Previously, the gusset plate was created with an incorrect shape when the default size values were used. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-4020 Steel components Column with stiffeners W (182), Column with stiffeners (186), Column with stiffeners S (187), Column with stiffeners (188): Previously, with some sloped conditions, the bolt edge distance was not correct. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-4360 Steel components U.S. Base plate (1047): Previously, the position of holes in the cast plate was incorrect. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-4927 Steel components Z pan (S74): Previously, when the length of the front part of the step was specified as zero, the top step was created incorrectly. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-37961 Steel components Previously, in some situations, similar parts with regular bolt holes and with slotted holes received the same number in numbering. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-41269 Organizer Previously, the project properties were not always exported to the Excel. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-34275 Import, export, interoperability Reference models: IFC reference models from Revit did not sometimes include some slabs. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-40123 Import, export, interoperability IFC4 export: Exported pour B-reps were sometimes not solid, and the volume calculation from the object failed. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-40848 Import, export, interoperability Reference models: The local placement was written incorrectly in mh software, which is why the IfcElementProxy objects were scaled incorrectly in Tekla Structures. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-40888 Import, export, interoperability Reference models: In DWG reference models, some short lines were sometimes not shown if there were also relatively long lines in the DWG file. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-41410 Import, export, interoperability Export drawings to DWG/DXF: The export no longer crashes if the font is not set for some text elements in the drawing. In this case, Arial will be used by default.
TTSD-41419 Import, export, interoperability Previously, when you imported a user-defined attribute (UDA) that had the special_flag option set to yes, the objects with the UDA were not marked as modified in some cases. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-41615 Templates and reports Properties that use a "." format, such as ASSEMBLY.POUR_UNIT, can now be used to define property sets that report pour unit and pour object properties.
TTSD-35263 Drawings The cloning of the merged weld marks has been improved.
TTSD-40077 Drawings You can now change the units for the cc target element in a drawing mark (UK environment/Cast-in-situ role).
TTSD-40674 Drawings The ASSEMBLY_POS attribute did not report any value when it was used in bolt marks in drawings. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-40703 Drawings The TOP_LEVEL and BOTTOM_LEVEL attributes now give correct values for dimension tags based on the Location by setting of the drawing view.
TTSD-40977 Drawings Tekla Structures no longer crashes when you open a specific drawing.
TTSD-41267 Drawings Reference models in drawings: The outline representation now follows the settings of visible layers on the model side. Previously all layers were shown. 
TTSD-41398 Drawings The stability of cloning has been improved.
TTSD-41431 Drawings Polylines in drawings no longer have an extra point at the start.
TTSD-41518 Drawings Creating drawings could sometimes cause a Tekla Structures application error. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-41649 Drawings Reference models in drawings: Reference model settings from GA drawing  level were not properly propagated to view level. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-41756 Drawings The Cover-up line command did not always hide the underlying object lines correctly. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-40833 Tekla Model Sharing Previously, if Tekla Structures crashed or stopped working and you had to end the TeklaStructures process during write out in a shared model, you could not open the model again because of missing drawing files. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-41077 Tekla Model Sharing Previously, imported sketched profiles in shared models could have parameters in the wrong order, which resulted in wrong geometry. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-41149 Tekla Model Sharing Sketched profiles with variable sections are now updated correctly in shared models.
TTSD-33607 Modeling Welds are now listed in the Object locks dialog box.
TTSD-40031 Modeling Previously, using the Undo and Redo commands when modifying user-defined attributes was not notified to applications that needed this information. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-5020 Tools and components Previously, highlighting selected model points in Layout manager caused an error if Layout manager had not finished creating the tree structure of the group yet. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-20740 Tools and components When importing custom components, if one or more custom components in a .uel file fails to import, the successfully imported components are now available. Previously, they were only available after reopening the model or importing a new .uel file.
TTSD-41307 Tools and components Previously, adding a formula, such as "=P1", after a constant value in the custom component editor caused Tekla Structures to crash. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-41529 Tools and components Previously, closing some dialog boxes could cause memory corruption or crashes. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-41836 Tools and components In the Applications and components catalog, the search view was not updated when adding, removing or modifying items, for example macros. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-8122 Tools and components The width of the Save as button has been increased in system component dialog boxes so that the Save as text is now shown correctly.
TSAC-4966 Import, export, interoperability (concrete) Export EliPLAN file (68): Previously, weep holes were sometimes generated outside the element. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-4967 Import, export, interoperability (concrete) Export Unitechnik (79): Previously, no line attributes were recognized for edges that were diagonally cut completely. Now they can be scanned as chamfers or special formwork by managing the setting for chamfer maximum width.
TSAC-4979 Import, export, interoperability (concrete) Export Unitechnik (79): Previously, in line attribute scanning, partial cuts at the edge of the element could occasionally cause other nearby edges to also have special formwork code. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-4990 Import, export, interoperability (concrete) Export Unitechnik (79): Insulation exported as panel layer is now exported with correct layer type 02.
TSAC-5092 Import, export, interoperability (concrete) Export Unitechnik (79): A new option Export shell gap width has been added on the SLABDATE block data tab to control or disable the export of the gap width value. The options are No - no gap is exported, Double wall only - the gap is exported only for double walls, and Layered panels - the gap is exported for all panels with multiple concrete layers, such as double walls and sandwich walls. The default option is Double walls only, as the value should only be used with double walls in most control systems.
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