Review models

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Review models

The Review view enables you to graphically display the design status of members, slabs, foundations and connections. In the same view you can also interrogate or modify a variety of model parameters and properties.

You can also open a Review Data view in order to display tables of Sway/Drift Results, Design Summaries, Material Lists and much more.

The main components in the Review view are numbered below:

To switch a view to the Review view regime click Review View (1) in the Status bar, then click the Review ribbon tab (2).
  • To graphically review the design status or ratio of objects in the view, select the design type (3) (Static, RSA, or Combined) then choose the required Status or Ratio icon (4) from the ribbon. This causes a legend (5) to be displayed and objects in the view are color coded accordingly.
  • To graphically review and edit the properties of objects in the view, select a category from the Show/Alter State group (6). Depending on the category, it can either be reviewed with the aid of a legend, or edited with the aid of the Properties window.
    • A particularly useful category is Show/Alter State (7). For this category you can select from a list of Attributes in the Properties window before graphically reviewing or editing the chosen attribute.
  • To open a tabular Review Data view, select Tabular Data (8).
  • To open a Charts view, select Charts (9). In this view you can display charts of embodied carbon data.
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