Tekla Structural Designer 2023 release notes

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Tekla Structural Designer 2023 release notes

Welcome to Tekla Structural Designer 2023! To download this version go to: Tekla Downloads.

Check the information below on the many new features and improvements in this version.


We deliver new features and enhancements in Service Packs as well as the main annual release. We are aware that many users may not install the service packs and so, for completeness, enhancements in 2022 Service Packs are also included here.

General and modeling highlights

Analysis and results highlights

Interoperability highlights

Design highlights

Other enhancements and fixes

Issues with associated bulletins

  • [TSD-11514] - Analysis Results - potentially incorrect results for members in rigid diaphragms with member loads applied

    This issue relates to the analysis results for members within rigid diaphragms. As part of the load analysis post-processing in rare circumstances member loads applied to beams, truss top/bottom members, steel joists, or analysis elements could be incorrectly ignored or double-counted. For more information please see Product Bulletin PBTSD-2303-01.
    • This issue is fixed in this release.

  • [TSD-12211] - Seismic Analysis & Design - All Regional Codes - Incorrect Effective seismic structure mass/ weight

    In the following specific circumstances, the automatically calculated Effective seismic structure mass (seismic weight for US code) was incorrect and too low; 1) One or more columns and/ or walls were supported by transfer beams or a transfer slabs which in turn were supported directly by a supports in the model at the transfer level AND 2) this transfer level was not set in the Seismic Wizard as the level for “Ignore seismic in floor (and below)”. This could result in lower and hence unconservative seismic base shear and seismic lateral loading. For more information please see Product Bulletin PBTSD-2303-02.

    • This issue is addressed in this release as follows:

      • Validation now checks for no level being set to be ignored in the Seismic Wizard and a warning is issued when this is the case, since this is not recommended. The warning is issued in both the Status Validation tree and in the Seismic Wizard adjacent to the entry box for this. Both warnings have cursor tooltips giving more information about the issue as shown in the picture below. A similar warning is also issued if a level is set and there are supports in a level above it.

        • Mat Foundation slabs - the requirement in the Seismic Wizard that the level to be ignored must be set to that of the mat foundation slab(s) (or the top such level when there are mat foundation slabs on more than one level) is removed.

        • For the circumstance of columns and/ or walls being supported by transfer beams or transfer slabs which in turn are supported directly by manually applied individual supports, the seismic mass/ weight is now correct.
          • Note however that two circumstances remain in which the seismic mass/ weight may still be incorrect. See the Product bulletin for more details of these.

  • [TSD-13271] - US composite design - 'Allow non-composite design' checks deflection as composite

    This issue relates to composite steel beam design to the US design code. When “Allow non-composite design” was checked on in the beam properties and a check was run on the beam (rather than an auto design), and the beam was designed as non-composite, the beam deflections were still based on the composite properties rather than the non-composite properties. For more information please see Product Bulletin PBTSD-2303-03.

    • This issue is fixed in this release.

Service packs

Follow the links below for information on new features, improvements and fixes made in each currently available service pack:


Files from all previous versions can be opened in this release however, note that, once saved, they cannot then be opened in a previous release. If you wish to retain this option we therefore recommend using the File > Save As… option to save a copy of the file in the previous release and retain the original.


  • Tekla Structures - if you wish to integrate with Tekla Structures you should install both this release and Tekla Structures 2023 for optimum performance.

  • Tekla Portal Frame and Connection Designer 23 - if you install this release and use Tekla Portal Frame Designer and/or Tekla Connection Designer you MUST install the new Tekla Portal Frame Designer 23 and/or Tekla Connection Designer 23 available from Tekla Downloads (note that these too will also need a new license).

  • Tekla Tedds - for integrated design using Tekla Tedds you should install the 2023 release for Tekla Tedds.

  • Autodesk Revit© - the Tekla Structural Designer Integrator for Autodesk Revit© 2023 was released in December 2022. For more information about this see the Tekla Structural Designer Integrator for Autodesk Revit 2023© Release Notes. The installation for this is available in Tekla Downloads. If you are now using Autodesk Revit© 2023, you can install this to perform BIM integration with Tekla Structural Designer.

    • The other currently supported Revit© versions are: 2020 (Integrator version 6.03), 2021 (Integrator version 7.02) and 2022 (Integrator version 8.0). For more information about these see the Tekla Structural Designer Integrator June 2021 updates page. If you are performing BIM integration with any of these previous Revit© versions, we recommend you install the latest version of the associated Integrator.


Some Databases are updated in this release. For an existing installation of a previous release, your local Databases will automatically be updated (it is no longer necessary to do this manually via Home > Materials). This process works as follows:

  • Providing all databases can be updated automatically without user intervention, when this release is first run then the updates are applied and a message is displayed stating "updating to latest database versions". On successful completion the message closes and the program will open.

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