Autodesign versus check design

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Autodesign versus check design

Before you begin the design process you should select a suitable design mode for each member in your model. The available design mode options are check design mode and autodesign mode.

Each member in your model is set to one of two design modes:

  • Check design mode:

    You assign the desired section size (for steel members), or section size and reinforcement (for concrete members). Then, Tekla Structural Designer determines if the section or reinforcement is sufficient

  • Autodesign mode:

    For steel members, you select the desired section type. Tekla Structural Designer then determines a suitable size for the selected section type.

    For concrete members, you assign the desired section size.Tekla Structural Designer then automatically determines a suitable reinforcement configuration.

Tip: To quickly review and update the mode applied to all members in the model, open a review view and use the Auto/Check Design command to switch between the two modes.
Note: The Autodesign setting is only considered when you choose to design multiple members, as explained below:
  • If you choose to run a combined analysis and design (Design Steel, Design Concrete, Design All); or choose a selective design of multiple members (Design model, Design plane, Design Selection etc.) - members will either be designed or checked according to their individual 'auto-design' setting.
  • If you choose a check (Check model, Check plane, Check Selection, Check Member etc.) - each member will be checked irrespective of its 'auto-design' setting.
  • If you design an individual member (Design Member, Design Wall etc.) - the member will be designed irrespective of its 'auto-design' setting.
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