Add a project contact

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Add a project contact

To share project information with the other parties in the project, you need to add the parties to the project management job.

Note: It is important that the first contact in the project is the job site contact or the correct /Ship To/Bill To as this can populate the Sold To/Ship To information that populates the shipping ticket information for the job.
  1. In the Project Contacts section of the Project dialog box, click Add Contact.

    The Contact Properties dialog box opens.

  2. Add properties in the dialog box.
    Option Description
    Type Select the contact type.

    If the company is in the Address Book, select the name.

    To add a new company
    1. Type the name of the company.
    2. Press Enter on the keyboard.
    3. To add the contact, click Yes

    Note:You need to add the contacts for the new company manually. To do so, click Edit on the right side of the Name field. Include also the shipping and mailing addresses. For detailed instructions, see Add contacts to the address book and Add companies to the address book.

    Title Type the title or function of your contact person.
    Ship To Address Select the shipping address.
    Bill To Address Select the billing address.
    Contact Select the contact that you want to add.
  3. Click OK.
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