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Install Tekla PowerFab

The Tekla PowerFab Suite license includes several items that you need to install. To get a Tekla license, contact your organization's administrator.

Tekla PowerFab license content

The Tekla PowerFab license includes the following software:

  • Tekla PowerFab: The main application for estimating, project management, purchasing, inventory management and production control with a server installation and a client installation
  • Tekla PowerFab Go: A device-independent application for browser with an embedded Trimble Connect viewer
  • Trimble Connect: A tool for real-time visualization and collaboration between all project parties

The Tekla PowerFab server installation contains the MySQL database installation and Tekla PowerFab Go. The MySQL database contains the information used by Tekla PowerFab. You can have multiple sets of data within the database. The MySQL database is usually only installed on the server computer. The connection information is the IP address or the computer name of the computer running the server installation. However, the server machine is connected to the local host.

Tekla PowerFab database connection can be selected by machine and by port.

As for Tekla PowerFab Go, the Tekla PowerFab Remote Server service allows performing functions remotely. For example, Tekla PowerFab Remote Server allows running automated events and using the Tekla PowerFab Go mobile application.

The licenses of each Tekla PowerFab user are tied to the user's Trimble Identity and not to particular workstations. For this reason, users always need to sign in to Tekla PowerFab with their Trimble Identity. Since the licenses are managed online, you need to have a reliable internet connection to use Tekla PowerFab.

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