Modify the project schedule settings

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Modify the project schedule settings

In the Schedule Settings dialog box, you can set the default settings for project schedules. You can define settings for accessing and remaining in the edit mode, and set the default project breakdown levels and fields.

  1. Click the Maintenance ribbon tab.
  2. On the menu, select Project Management > Schedule Settings.
  3. On the Edit Mode tab of the Schedule Settings dialog box, adjust the following settings:



    Edit Mode Timeout

    The number of seconds that a user can be in the edit mode without making changes before the edit mode times out.

    The edit mode ensures that Tekla EPM users do not make conflicting changes if they work on the project schedule simultaneously.

    Type the desired number of seconds in the Edit Mode Timeout field.

    Auto-Acquire Edit Mode

    When selected, Tekla EPM no longer asks you if you want to access the edit mode when making changes. This means that all changes to the project schedule are made without confirmation, provided that no other Tekla EPM users are currently in the edit mode and modifying the same project schedule.

  4. Click the Project Breakdown tab to open it.
  5. To define the available breakdown levels and fields, click the arrows next to the breakdown fields, and select suitable options in the list.

    By default, two levels of breakdown items (sequences and lot numbers) are available. To make more levels available, select options in the Default Breakdown Field 3, Default Breakdown Field 4, and Default Breakdown Field 5 lists. If you do not want a breakdown level to be available, select None.

    For example, to enable categories as the breakdown level below lots, select Category in the Default Breakdown Field 3 list.

  6. Click Save.

The changes you made are saved as default settings for all new project schedules. If necessary, you can adjust the breakdown levels and fields on a job by job basis.

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