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Configure Tekla EPM

As an administrator, you need to define your company information, automatic backup settings, and administration settings, add the necessary users, and otherwise set up Tekla EPM, so that other users can start working in Tekla EPM.

After setting up Tekla EPM, administrators can:
  • Download and install updates, so that the updates are installed automatically for other Tekla EPM users in your company.

  • Create backup copies of the Tekla EPM database to restore the database if it is compromised.

  • Optimize and compress the information in the Tekla EPM database.

  • Clear extra logs from particular actions performed by Tekla EPM users in the company.

  • Export labor information from a Tekla EPM database, and import the labor information to another Tekla EPM database.

  • Recover deleted combining, estimating, and production controls jobs, and recover import backup files.

  • Find and repair program errors in Tekla EPM.


These instructions contain actions that can only be performed by Tekla EPM users with administrative rights. If you do not have administrative rights, contact your administrator for help.

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