Set up the Project Management module

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Set up the Project Management module

Before you start to use the Project Management module, we recommend that you take the time to customize the properties and available items according to your needs. Once you have created and modified all necessary items and settings, working in the Project Management module is easier and more efficient.

When setting up the Project Management module, you can:
  • Customize the display and input fields in the Drawing Log, Transmittals, RFIs, Journal, and Change Orders dialog boxes.

  • Create, modify, and delete the resources that are available in the production schedule.

  • View and filter the production schedule.

  • Create, modify, and delete calendars that are available for the project schedule.

  • Modify the project schedule settings.

  • Create templates that you can apply to quickly create a baseline for the project schedule.

  • Define the standard settings used in the Project Management module.

  • Create, modify, and delete approval statuses available for drawings.

  • Create, modify, and delete common steps that are available for all project management jobs.

  • Delete project management jobs.

  • Rename project management jobs.

  • Set job groups for project management jobs.

  • Create, modify, and delete methods that are available for sending documents.

  • Create, modify, and delete items that are commonly used in transmittals.

  • Create, modify, and delete commonly used purposes for transmittals.

  • Create, modify, and delete pieces of text that are commonly used in transmittals.

  • Create reports for all or a group of project management jobs.

Many of the settings and selections can be saved by user. This way, each user can adjust Tekla EPM to meet their individual needs and preferences without changing the default settings.

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