Interpolate data within a data table

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Interpolate data within a data table

If a data table contains data that allows interpolating, you can interpolate the table linearly. To interpolate data within a data table, see the following instructions.

  1. In the toolbar, click Interpolate.

    The Interpolate dialog box appears.

  2. In the Range Item list, select the item that you want to interpolate.
  3. Type the desired value in the Value to be added field.

    The value that you add must be greater than the smallest value and smaller than the greatest value in the Range Values list.

  4. Click Interpolate.

    Tedds performs the interpolation and updates the table to include the new value.

  5. If necessary, repeat steps 1–4 to receive the desired result.

    If you make selections within a table, the Data Tables window automatically transfers the existing selection to the interpolated value.