Introducing calculation errors

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Introducing calculation errors

While evaluating calculations, you will most probably encounter some sort of calculation errors. The following paragraphs focus on introducing calculation errors, error alerts, and error categories used in Tedds for Word.


The following only applies to Tedds for Word.

Error alerts

The method in which Tedds for Word informs you about calculation errors depends on whether you have selected the Prompt on calculation error option in Tedds options.

Depending on whether the Prompt on calculation error option is selected, Tedds for Word either:

  • Places an error field in your document directly after the erroneous expression.

    Tip: To make the error fields easy to locate, you can set a specific font and color for them. To modify the look of error messages, go to More > Tedds options > Calculating > Errors.
  • Pauses calculations and alerts you with a dialog.

    • If you click Continue, Tedds for Word continues calculating until the calculation process has finished, or until it finds the next calculation error.

    • If you click Abort, the document will be returned to the state where it was before you started the calculation process.

Error categories

Tedds for Word contains four different error categories:

  • Variable definition errors
  • Dimensional errors
  • Non-fatal errors
  • Fatal errors

In the table below, see the meaning and typical examples of each error category.

Category Description Examples Further information
Variable definition errors Errors related to missing or erroneous variables.
  • Undefined variables
  • Capitalization errors in variables
  • Illegal formatting of variables

You can select whether you want Tedds for Word to consider undefined variables as errors.

  1. Go to More > Tedds options > Calculating.
  2. If you want an undefined variable to be treated as an error, select the Error on undefined variable box.

    If you do not want an undefined variable to be treated as an error, clear the Error on undefined variable box. In this case, Tedds for Word asks you to enter the variable's details directly.

Dimensional errors Errors which occur when dimensional analysis is switched on, and the units in the expression do not match.
  • Two variables which should be added have different dimensions
Non-fatal errors Syntax errors or other errors, which do not allow Tedds for Word to finish a calculation.
  • Missing brackets within an expression
  • Division by zero
  • Unrecognized units
Fatal errors Major system errors, which automatically abort your calculations.
  • System is out of memory
  • System is out of disk space